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An art of healing

NATHALIE BEULAH. On the 25th of December I performed my first very long distance Reiki session. As I lay in South Africa, working with healing energies, the recipient of the therapy lay in the South of France feeling the effects of the energy just as strongly, if not more so, than if she were to have been in the same room, on the same continent at the same time as I was.

Occupy this

HELEN RIDING. The first Occupy event in South Africa, organized by Operation Ubuntu, took place on Saturday 15 October 2011 in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, Grahamstown and East London (SA joins as ‘Indignant’ protests go global). The most recent one took place on Monday 16 January 2012, a US national day of action on Martin Luther King Day “to focus attention on the gross injustice visited upon the 99% by the financial elite”.

The Dark – part 1

OCTARINE VALUR. So a Christian and four witches walk into a house and perform a Catholic exorcism… Wait, did I mention that 2 of the witches are also Vampyres? Sounds like the start to an awful joke, don’t you think? And yet, my friends, this is exactly what happened a few weeks ago. Together they faced the unknown, dogged by hostile entities and even demons – and they prevailed. I must humbly confess to being one of the four witches. A girl friend, who is my donor and also my business partner, was in serious trouble and we had to help. How we got to this point is hard to explain, and writing this article has helped me to set it all right in my own mind and has been of immense therapeutic value to me. Thus it was that I spent the last two weeks of 2011 inextricably entangled in otherworldly affairs, along with some associates who helped us out of a pretty scary mess. It took a lot of risk, effort and commitment from us all, and from the beginning, I wanted to write an article about it… Only, looking back, it could become a book – so much happened.

Idealised Past: a Thorny Path To Nowhere

EREBOS. Much of the basis for contemporary Paganism is based on the cultures and religions of a number of European cultures and tribes such as the Celts, Saxons, Scots, Irish, Germanic, Nordic and Greco-Romans, and although it may be true that these culture had developed social and religious structures, we should not ignore the fact that these ancient people were not “noble savages”. In reality, the “good old days” were not as wonderful as we imagine them to have been.

Self-discovery in the Divine Science of Triads and Dodecads

MORGAUSE FONTELEVE. From the Night containing the Dragon of Wisdom, comes the vestibules of the Good, the Triad (Trinity), the Bound (Hyparxis/ the Father), the Infinite (the Mother /Power), the Son or the All, and through realization, in the celestial arch, the Kingdom of Adrastia is. The manifestation of beauty, truth and symmetry happens ad continuum (without a beginning and without an end). The Abiding, the Proceeding and the Returning. Cronus, Rhea, Zeus. Zeus, Poseidon, Hades. Oceanus the separative Deity.

Crystal Clear – the healing powers of crystals

BRONWYN KATZKE. Diamonds may be a modern-day girl’s best friend but the fact is that gemstones, crystals and minerals have been mankind’s friends for millennia. Not only have they long been appreciated for their dazzling beauty, but their health benefits have been an open secret down through the ages. And now more than ever, people are waking up to what ancient cultures have known for centuries – crystals are more than just pretty trinkets; they have the power to heal.

Winter is coming

HELEN RIDING. In some Pagan traditions, mock battles are enacted at the winter and summer solstices between the Oak King and the Holly King, representing the god who reigns during the waxing half of the year and the god who reigns during the waning half of the year respectively. The Oak King slays the Holly King at the winter solstice, while the Holly King slays the Oak King at the summer solstice. The dethroned king returns to reclaim his throne six months later, and the best explanation I have seen for his whereabouts during his absent six months is ruling the opposite hemisphere!

New Year’s Resolutions – Pish Posh!

NATHALIE BEULAH. At the beginning (or end) of every year we take the time to reflect on the past and we look at what is important to us at that very point in our lives. Whether we feel we need to lose weight, change our career or re-evaluate our existing relationships, and so on, we are looking at what we would rather have. Then we decide it is time to try and patch up our flaws, kick out the bad ‘stuff’ in our lives and try to do what is in our eyes, the right thing, and so resolutions for change are made. These will be our goals with, in general, little to no planning behind them.