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‘Witchcraft’ an ancient threat

MORGAUSE FONTELEVE. Occult experts and learned men have always debated at length on the matter of witches and their familiars. In his Melampronoeia : A Discourse of the Polity and Kingdom of Darkness : together with the Chiefest Objections brought against the Being of Witches (1681), Henry Hallywell, suggests that demons enter into animals for they are “eager for their bodily warmth”, to gain a corporeous essence with which they may move about freely, and “since they are athirst for and delight in the smell of blood” they seek gratification through sensual expression, serving the persons who are willing to nourish them with blood and for them accomplishing to injure and work mischief on the world surrounding them. Witches were said to pamper their familiars with sips of human blood, either as an incitement to do something, or as a reward for having executed some magical task.

‘Overcomers through Christ’ a little fishy?

BRONWYN KATZKE. While recent reports have been devoid of the ‘s’ word, they still emanate the tell-tale stench of fish. Further media reports surfaced on the murders which allegedly surround Christian ministry, Overcomers through Christ (OTC). OTC leader, Ria Grunewald has now come to the media admitting that OTC members had experienced numerous threats months prior to the murders. Now I don’t know about you, but where there’s fouling fish, there’s often a rat or two lurking about.

Another look at entities

EDUARD HORN. I recently had a discussion with a student of meditation on entities, the type of discussion where you know that you cannot push too far on the topic. Meditators and entities usually don’t mix. I realised that most of humanity’s spiritual allies are being ignored because they are misunderstood and feared. Dogma makes us fear them. It brought to mind the following: some of the best, most brilliant and funniest people I know are misunderstood individuals. My mind created this automatic parallel as though I was trying to make myself understand the sad truth: we are helped daily by beings that we do not acknowledge.

Die Reg om Nee te Sê

COLLEEN MOLLENTZE. Ek lees in die laaste tyd baie oor verkragting, seksuele aanranding en die “Oorlog teen Vroue” in Amerika. Ek weet nie of julle die verkiesing sirkus daar volg nie, maar as julle doen weet julle reeds van Rep Todd Akin se moroniese bewerings dat die liggame van vroue wat “werklik” verkrag is, ‘n manier het om swangerskap te verhoed, en dat dieselfde Akin en die vise-presidensiële kandidaat, Paul Ryan, die herdefiniëring van verkragting as gewelddadige verkragting of “forcible rape” steun. (Die logiese gevolgtrekking is dat verkragting waarin geweld nie gebruik is nie maar waar dwelms, dreigemente of die status bv. Ouderdom van die slagoffer ‘n rolgespeel het, nie“werklik”verkragting is nie). Ek het ook ‘n artikel gelees waarin die skrywer vra of die seksuele mishandeling wat sy ondervind het, verkragting is.

Ask A Vampyre: The What, Why and How

OCTARINE VALUR. Since the Vampyre Community came out of the shadows around the world in the late 1980’s, it has encountered hostility and resistance. It has been demonized and attacked by hostile outsiders in the Shinai world, and waves of propaganda have been thrown against it by those who either do not understand, or do not want to understand – or who DO understand, but act against us out of hatred or religious fundamentalist ignorance and zealotry. All this results in very muddy water and for people looking at the murk while trying to understand what is in the pool, it can be very confusing indeed. This article will provide a basic explanation of our local community in South Africa and a brief to-the-point explanation of what real Vampyres are. Hopefully our readers will find understanding what we are a little easier.

A Twist to the Pit and the Pendulum

MORGAUSE FONTELEVE. The most divisive system thought up by man is religion and it is quasi obvious that religion would have been utilized as the instrument for exacting persecution as well as “scapegoating” throughout history. My question is, should a democratic state and its institutions lend themselves to said persecution? Let’s face it, religion automatically divides and splits mankind in its constant need for an opponent and in its need for the concepts of right and wrong, in its depending upon a “chosen” or a “condemned people”; religion has become a necessary evil for those who rule and control us through social and religious conditioning.

Exposing the Lies – Inside Servamus’ ‘Drugs & Occult-Related Crime’ Part 2.

BRONWYN KATZKE. ‘Breaking the Circle’ closes with the claim that Satanism is evil and is “The Kingdom of Darkness and fear”. Just as with all the articles in the SAPS Servamus’ ‘special edition’, this view is wholly from the Christian perspective and only displays their need for an imaginary fear. And of course, the only cure for Satanism is acceptance of Jesus Christ as it is explicitly expressed in the closing paragraph. What ‘Breaking the Circle’ fails to acknowledge in its effort to convert the free-thinking youth is that in South Africa everyone is entitled under the South African Constitution to freedom of religion without discrimination or persecution. This article is an affront to human rights and blatantly discriminatory and false. But what is most troubling is that not only does this ‘information’ hold the potential to harm innocent children and teenagers, it is marketed to the very people who are meant to protect us from harm- SAPS officers.

The Occult Roots of Christian Propaganda

MORGAUSE FONTELEVE. If you have not shaken off the remnants of Christian thinking, if you have a propensity towards credulity with what regards the “supernatural” (over and above the degree of natural intensity) and if this is accompanied by an irrational fear of the unknown or the mysterious workings of life, living, religion and spirituality, then refrain from reading ANY Christian tract on the Occult. The writers of Christian propaganda and conspiracy theories purposefully use the unjustified fear of being influenced and exerted power over by others and or the natural things in life. This is done with the aim to convert the reader to their way of thinking. Let’s face it, there is no point in preaching to the converted! Those whose hearts are filled with fears (who have not yet taken ownership of their successes and failures in life) and who nurture doubt in their fear-filled cores, are their primary audience.