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Review: Embracing Heathenry by Larisa Hunter

HELEN RIDING. Embracing Heathenry, by Larisa Hunter, is an enlightening and enjoyable book about living Heathenry intentionally. It provides a window into the lives of the author and several other Heathens, with plenty of beautiful illustrations which bring it to life. Embracing Heathenry covers the practical aspects of living the faith on a daily basis. It is not a book about Norse mythology per se although it touches on it and made me want to read more about it. I took up a recommendation of one of the “other voices” in the book and ordered The Children of Odin (also published as Nordic Gods and Heroes) by Padraic Colum.

Ouija Board

ZEO FROST. Ouija boards are used to conduct what is commonly known as a séance. Its sole purpose is to contact people who have passed on to the other side and sometimes even your Spirit Guides. This does of course become too technical when one thinks of the Collective Consciousness and the souls that are incarnated into life yet remains part of the Consciousness The one Serious question that then begs to be asked is “Could you contact yourself, from a previous life, through the Ouija board?” I cannot comment on this as I have not had such an experience but the belief is that, yes you can. Although there is no conclusive evidence to show that Spirit communication is actually being achieved, this is the object of using an Ouija Board.

Pagans against Abuse

MORGAUSE FONTELEVE. ‘Pagans against Abuse’ is an initiative aimed at ensuring that people of all ages, races and genders are aware of this common societal problem, through empowering them with information on abuse, what is considered as abuse and to enable people, through knowledge and the application of it, to take charge of their own safety: emotional, psychological and physical well-being. Hopefully, through the awareness raised as well as the assistance of the Pagan Community, Elders and RMO’s, we hope to reach those in need and assist them in believing in themselves, in acting wisely and realise that they really do not have to submit themselves to any
form of abuse. Abuse is not a normal part of family or social life.

Woman: Reclaim!

KAREN BRAND. There is no beauty in this world that can compare with a woman who is confident and kind towards herself first. Let us, as women, begin to reclaim what is ours and ours alone without the conditions and exceptions that are placed on us. Let us not judge other women by the way they choose to dress or behave, but celebrate their confidence and love of their bodies. Let us teach our daughters that their sexuality is not a weapon against themselves but a gift that has been bestowed on them because we are worthy. Let us teach our sons to respect and protect all women on this earth, because every single one is their mother, their sister, their daughter not only the ones who comply.

Breaking the cycle of abuse

SATYR. I grew up in a home with an alcoholic father and although he never hit me, when drunk, he did hit my mom and things could get pretty hectic. You would think that having had that kind of experience growing up, that I would have learnt some stuff, but when we are teens, we always think we know better and in my middle to late teens, I got involved with a guy who was much older and had a bad reputation for fighting. I just thought he was cool and being the rebel that I was, I carried on dating him against better advice. He was controlling, jealous and possessive and it wasn’t long before he started hitting me for things that were always MY fault.

Southern Africa: Witchcraft – a Frightening Face of Gender Based Violence

SAEANNA CHINGAMUKA. It is high time that governments and traditional leaders intervene and begin dialogue on witchcraft accusations. There are underlying stereotypes and assumptions that remain unchallenged under tradition, custom and religion that exacerbate GBV because of witchcraft accusations. This face of GBV cannot be left to chance, as women are more vulnerable to witch accusations. – Saeanna Chingamuka is the Gender Links Editor. This article is part of the GL Opinion and Commentary Service series for the 16 Days of Activism against Gender Violence.

16 Days Of Double Standards

CHRISTINA ENGELA. During this annual campaign, much ado is made of the violence against women and children, while focusing on violent males, presumably husbands, lovers and fathers, but nothing is ever made of the abuse and prejudice against lesbians, trans-women and gay/trans kids. Nor is there ever any mention of violent women in abusive relationships, both hetero and homo sexual. In all fairness, they do exist. Are lesbians not also women? Am I as a trans-woman any less female?

Just another statistic

SARAH GRENDFELL. His knuckles white in the grip on her shoulders, he tugged her back and forth in short, hard strokes like a dog shakes a limp animal. A face red with rage and puffed by alcohol screamed into hers that’s only defense was to turn away and not look into the eyes of her children. It was sunny outside as I witnessed with my eyes what my ears had only heard up until that point. I’m not sure which memory came first, witnessing the abuse of my mother first hand, or hearing her cry herself to sleep between gasps for breath because he had punched her in the ribs.