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The Poep’s latest move and other stories

CHRISTINA ENGELA. People will always judge others. Being free means not letting being judged bother you – freedom means being strong enough as a person to see people who judge you for what they are: weak, ignorant, underdeveloped and afraid. That’s when you get the chance to show them what you are; above making their mistakes and perpetuating their character flaws. It is by this principle that you realize what was meant by Gandhi when he said “Be the change you want to see in the world”.

Towards the Personal Vision of the Ancient Gods!

MORGAUSE FONTELEVE. Many Pagans arrive on this Path without the foggiest of how diverse Pagan schools of thought or belief are. They find themselves caught up in a melee of ideologies, contrasting ideas and ideals and some never move beyond this point. Some even give up on Paganism’s complexities. The definitions I will provide in this article are purely academic and not meant to in any way presumptuously say that this is the “be all” and the “end all” of Paganism. May you,through it, find the freedom of expression of your personal understanding of the Universe and the Divine Nature which permeates it.

His spear continually divides the nation

DAMON LEFF. Encoded in the political rhetoric of restoring African dignity and promoting traditional African culture (code for support of South Africa’s traditional Leadership and conservative morality), the President appears obviously to be appealing not for the assimilation of common constitutional ideals and values, but for the separation of cultures and the dominance of traditional African culture over “minority cultures”. That’s how Ubuntu works in Nkandla; some are simply traditionally more equal than others.

The Abatwa, Africa’s Ant Riders

BRONWYN KATZKE. Found in Zulu mythology, the Abatwa are humans who look just like the Zulu peoples, with one exception- they are so small they can ride ants and hide under a blade of grass. In Zulu folklore it is believed that when the nature spirit Vash’Nok cried, his tears fell to the earth; and at the moment those tears touched the ground, they erupted into the Abatwa peoples.

Journaling with Runes

NATHALIE BEULAH. One of the biggest challenges when starting to write in your spiritual journal may be that you feel you have nothing to write. Using a form of divination in your daily life can allow you to grow. It helps you to understand where you are currently in your life and how you can move forward. It also gives you the opportunity to ask your Spiritual Guardians, Guides and Angels for advice and guidance and you have the tools necessary to receive an answer.

Interview with Christopher Penczak

CHRISTOPHER BLACKWELL. Our Pagan future depends on the people we are developing now and in the future. Among those is Christopher Penczak who at 36 has already done a great deal in our community. He considers himself a minister first, but he also is a teacher, a popular speaker at various Pagan events, a Reiki master, certified flower essence consultant, author of some seventeen books, a writer of numerous articles and maker of CDs, and is active in the Gay community.

A Simple Truth

BRONWYN KATZKE. Truth is a virtue that, within my own core ethics, goes hand in hand with respect, honor and the pursuit of knowledge. However, I am realizing that the concept of truth does not hold the same level of importance to all in the Pagan community. Take history for example. The study of history and archaeology are not something that appeals to everyone, but no one can refute the effect they have had on modern Paganism. Whether you’re a die-hard recontructionist or Wiccan, there is no denying that without the work of historians and archaeologists we would have no information on the Gods, mythology and lore, ritual elements or traditional practices. History is the core truth of modern Paganism. And yet there are some within the Pagan community who claim history is of little importance to modern Pagans as they should be focused on founding their future. To those that adhere to this belief I ask, what foundation would they have in the present or future without the truth of history?