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The Brotherhood

HOODED STRANGER. I then met a man known as Grey wolf who introduced me to the Occult and opened my mind to the possibility of magick.

He taught me the laws and showed me many things. In turn, I started teaching the basics of what I had learnt to a select few. After many years of practice I had a small circle of friends who took their paths as seriously as I take mine. We were just a circle of friends who all shared a similar love, so we decided to make it official and start an order known as The Brotherhood.

Clan of Ysgithyrwyn

DAMON LEFF. The Clan of Ysgithyrwyn was founded in 1998 as an eclectic, non-hierarchic coven of independent hedge Witches, non-aligned Pagans, friends and family. Our Clan’s collective theology is one of Reverence and Respect for Life and Truth. We believe that by living with reverence and respect for life, for the dead and the living, we affirm our sacred bond with the Earth Goddess, our collective planetary Mother. We believe that by searching always for Truth and by being always truthful, we affirm our aspiration to be worthy of the Mysteries of Her Cauldron.

Personal musings on studying the Occult

FRANCISCO FUMAROLA. When one thinks of the occult, one should not think of crudely drawn pentagrams and smears of blood. One should rather ponder the mysteries of the ancient Hermetic texts. One should think about the spiritual advancement of Neoplatonic Theurgy. The occult refers to Alchemy, and as lead transforms to gold, so can the human spirit transform. Occult refers to the arts of divination (runes, tarot, scrying etc), through which we can glimpse the human soul and read the strands of fate, mostly you can know yourself and peer into the psyche. Occult refers to the practice of magic, venerated in many cultures as a means to thwart the blows of fate. In many cultures, including Ancient Egypt, magic was part and parcel of religion and an accepted and sacred part of life. How has this lofty beacon of light, this lofty beacon of knowledge become something to ridicule and revile?

A Blessed Spring Equinox

EDITOR. When I wake in the morning the air is missing that wintry nip and the sun seems to be waking up earlier than me each day. My garden is waking with delicate peach blossoms and greening grass, and the weaver birds are struck with nest building frenzy. There’s no denying it- Spring has sprung.

Penton Photography Competition

EDITOR. Spring is in the air! The bare trees of winter are unfurling tender leaves, the air is warming and blossoms are bursting forth in abundance. To celebrate the Earth’s awakening in the Southern Hemisphere, Penton will be holding a Spring themed photography competition with a R100 voucher for the winning photo.