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Servamus prefers to publish fiction

CHRISTINA ENGELA. The SAPS’s magazine Servamus has for years been the platform for disseminating hysterical Christian fundamentalist propaganda and misinformation about occult belief systems, used to paint a false picture of people identifying with occult beliefs and practices, as well as to slander those beliefs. This it has done with apparent impunity, despite efforts by outraged citizens and CBO’s to address these activities by means of official channels.

The Moon, The Hare and Ancestors’ Night

MORGAUSE FONTELEVE. Those who love us keep us in life and in death, they keep the memory of us alive in their hearts, mind, actions, songs and stories. Remember with love the Ancestors at the end of this year, honour them with songs and feasting, perhaps even the “dumb feast”. Say their names! Let not their stories and memory be lost in the deafening silence of forgetfulness. Repeat their history, tell their old stories, and hail their names.

My thoughts on Samhain

GREEN OWL. I will be decorating my seasonal altar this weekend with butternuts, grains, leaves, fruits and nuts. I will be making a wreath out of rosemary to remember all my ancestors who came before me and place the pictures of my grandmother and my mother who have passed on to the Otherworld on the altar. Hail to the gods and our ancestors!

Not voting, thank you!

DAMON LEFF. Before I embark on an excursion into winter wonderland let me make something perfectly clear, this article is not an attempt to prevent you from casting your vote if you feel compelled to do so. Follow the dictate of your own conscience. This article is about why I will not vote for any one of the 29 political parties who will be contesting South Africa’s national elections on May 7 2014.

Religious fascism or equal rights?

MORGAUSE FONTELEVE. I believe Clergy should have no right to tell a President how he should act or tell their spiritual flock whom to vote for, or that any politician should be denied the right to be elected, or be labelled as corrupt or evil, because the religious beliefs he holds are not mainstream.

In Defense of SAPRA’s position against Satanic Panic hysteria

FRANCISCO FUMAROLA. What most South Africans believe about Satanism is essentially a myth of Evangelical Christianity – a useful tool, a straw-man to demonize all belief systems outside of Christianity as a conspiracy by the devil himself. A version of Christianity is growing in Africa which is strongly evangelistic and strongly focused on notions such as End Times, gifts of the Spirit, miracles, supernatural powers, deliverance and demonic possession. This Christianity has infected Africa with its hysteria and notions of demons, devils and witches as causes of misfortunes.