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Doing Magic on the fly in the U.S.A.

CHRISTOPHER BLACKWELL. Madrid was a very special place for me. It was where I earned enough money to build my rock shop. It was where I went to my first four Pagan festivals and where I first practiced as a Witch using Starhawk’s The Spiral Dance as a guide. My first sabbat was Samhain of 1983, celebrated in a small nearby sandstone cave. It was the first place I was forced to figure magic out in an emergency.

An Introduction to Ma’at

KHEMAYSEKHMET. “Maat” has two meanings in the ancient Egyptian language. Maat is first the goddess of justice and truth, who gave meaning to the world and bestowed order upon the chaos of creation in the First Times. She governs the movement of the stars, the rising and setting of the sun, the inundation and retreat of the Nile, and the laws underlying all of nature.

Communicating with Plants

BOB MAKRANSKY. Even if you can’t seem to tune in to the feelings of plants, you can still telepathically “talk” with them. Plants can talk to you in thoughts, and these (at first) seem indistinguishable from your own thoughts. That is, it will seem to you that you are the one who is thinking these thoughts, when in fact it is the plants which are sending you messages.

The Spell of Flight: The Gate of Witchery

ROBIN ARTISSON. No activity is more associated with Witches from the folklore of nearly every European culture than flight. The aerial “rades” or broom-rides of Witches are not merely conceits invented for modern Hollywood and consumers around Halloween time; they are based on a worldwide pattern of shamanic belief wherein animistic specialists are capable of inducing transformations that give them the power of flight.

The Faery Faith in the Temple of Witchcraft

CHRISTOPHER PENCZAK. Faeries and Witches… Witches and Faeries… two archetypes inexorably linked in my own mind, yet in the outer world, many assume the two have nothing to do with each other. Some stories claim that Witches are the descendants of Human and Faery relationships, and the Witch-blood of legend is actually the blood of the faery folk.

Interview with Druid Robin Herne

CHRISTOPHER BLACKWELL. “Fundamentally it is about tuning in to the spirits of the land. The spirit of the River Gipping is not the same as the spirit of the River Tamar. The spirits of mountainous Wales are distinct from the entities of the Norfolk fens. The general principals of the religion might remain fairly constant, but should be grounded in the locality and its local stories.” Robin Herne

Meaning can be found in random events

DAMON LEFF. My new blog will be devoted entirely to the little things that count; the extraordinary encounters I have with spirit in the ordinary world. The extra-ordinary always hides in plain sight, waiting to be acknowledged.