On Runes and Vibratory Formulae



There are many novel ways to draw upon and send the rune might. You can “eat” runes, “drink” runes (example in the Sigrdifumal, where Sigurdr is offered a draught blended with rune might or in this case inhale runes. Reminds me also of an Egyptian legend where the mage pours beer over the Book of Thoth to consume the magic words in a more direct fashion, albeit a far removed example, magic does have some universality to it) you can also send them by burning or casting.

I have experimented with using runes with Golden Dawn style vibratory formulae and I really do like what it does. In the GD system you would only vibrate the Divine Names of God as found in the Kabbalah and they warned against vibrating names of “lower vibration” and lower spirits. The runes are raw, wild powers of untamed Europe and they retain some of this wildness, yet I have found the practice of absorbing and internalizing the runes tremendously rewarding and powerful.

For one kind of application, think of healing, you breath in the runes and send them into every part of your being. The added use of vibration, which should be developed until you can make and feel a particular part of your body vibrate with the intonement of a mantra, works quite well. You can write runes on the ailing part or direct the energy directly to it. Firstly you trace each rune you would use individually with a wand/gandr or using your forefinger or something like an athame. Tell the rune what to do. For healing I would use Uruz, so sing and vibrate Uruz (OO-ROOZ) while tracing the rune. Uruz is a good rune of healing as it is wild untamed strength. It also has to do with structure of creation and original patterning, think of the cosmic bovine Audhumbla. “Uruz, Uruz, Uruz. I draw upon the boundless energy of the universe. I take into my body strength, healing, vitality and endurance. Every cell of my body is filled with vital energy and healing might” – although it is better if your incantations rhyme, just a statement also works.

I always use Laguz for healing because it is water. It removes obstacles, can cleanse the system and my favourite aspect of Laguz is found in its alternative name as Laukaz “leek”, referring to the Allium family of plants including garlic and onion and Laukaz itself was an old sacred rune formula attested from archaeological finds. Form a bindrune of Laukaz and Uruz. “Laguz, Laguz, Laguz (Lah-guz). My body is cleansed of toxins and impurities. I call upon the healing might of the healing herbs. Mighty leek. Every cell in my body is filled with vital energy and healing might”.

I also use Sowillo in healing so trace it and combine it with the other runes. “Sowillo, Sowillo, Sowillo (So-willow). I call upon the potent healing force of Sunna. Victory over all affliction. Banish all those forces of degeneration and deterioration. Every cell of my being is filled with vital energy and healing might.”

Add other runes as you deem appropriate. Now you have a bindrune traced before you. You can embody it in some manner by having it painted on your body or having it written or carved. Now sing the rune names over and over and visualize health, see yourself as having overcome the issue etc. Finally, see the rune written in your heart centre and inhale deeply, mentally vibrate the name in the heart, direct the force downward to the feet. The force rushes up as you exhale, be ready to vibrate the words again, step forward with the left foot and thrust arms forward, pointing your fingers straight towards the rune. Look straight between your pointed hands. The bindrune before you must now glow with life and power. This step is the so-called “Sign of the Enterer as used in the Golden Dawn. It is meant to strongly direct force.

Now for the four-fold revolution of the breath. Stand in the form of a cross with arms spread. Vibrate the rune names and inhale the bind-rune. Hold a bit. With the exhale send the power down the left side of the body, with the inhale draw it up the right and vibrate the names, see the rune glowing again before you. Now repeat a few times directing the force through your “sphere of sensation”. See your body glow with healing light.

Repeat this process of circulating the rune might. Now, when you do the inhale and exhale, direct the energy to the ailing organ or body part. Focus the light, energy and vibration upon that part. You need to feel the runes vibrating in that area. Keep on repeating this.

You will feel a wonderful influx of power and energy with this method. At the very least it calms and focuses the mind and puts you in a positive state of mind. I have had good results with it but for a difficult problem you should repeat it daily and perhaps more than once per day until you feel some improvement. Of course the usual disclaimers with healing magic applies, don’t forgo proven and tested medical help in favour of experimental spiritual methods. Always consult with a health-care practitioner before even trying alternative techniques.

To end off, I usually assume the postures of rune yoga, where you form your body into the shape of the rune. This is to indicate that I have embodied the rune might into my own being.

Of course in the Golden Dawn system you had to have some experience with the method of the Middle Pillar before you utilize the vibratory formulae. I simply associate runes with chakras and vibrate the runes to stimulate the chakras. Following Gundersson I use Elhaz – Crown, Mannaz for Hugauga (third eye), Ansuz – throat, Wunjo – heart, Jera – solar plexus, Laguz – groin, Berkano – Root. Then I use Sowillo to stimulate each chakra while raising the energy with Eihwaz. I move the energy up and down – think of the serpent at the roots of Yggdrassil and the eagle at the apex, the squirrel Ratatoskr carries messages between them (forms assumed by Odin when he steals the mead of inspiration)

Hope someone would like to experiment with vibrating runes in this manner.

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