Non Fiction and Fiction Releases August – November 2011


About Our Publishing House

Immanion Press was founded in 2003, led by author Storm Constantine. The idea initially was to publish Storm Constantine’s back catalogue novels, but it quickly became obvious that there were many other avenues to explore!

Based in Stafford UK, IP publishes horror, fantasy and science fiction novels by new and established authors. The company was formed after thousands of requests from Storm’s own fans who couldn’t get hold of books in her back catalogue. Now she wants to do the same for other authors, as well as showcase exciting new talent.

We began publishing fantasy writer Freda Warrington’s back catalogue work in 2004, and are on the lookout for other authors who want to get their new or out-of-print works in circulation for a new generation of readers. We have already published back catalog books by Ian Watson and Michael Moorcock.

Our past schedule has included a large number of Storm Constantine works. This includes the re-publication of Storm’s first Wraeththu trilogy: “The Enchantments of Flesh and Spirit,” “The Bewitchments of Love and Hate” and “The Fulfilments of Fate and Desire,” and continued with the UK editions of her new Wraeththu trilogy: “The Wraiths of Will and Pleasure,” “The Shades of Time and Memory” and “The Ghosts of Blood and Innocence.” Her stand-alone SF novel “Hermetech” was re-published in 2004. In addition, IP has been publishing Wraeththu Mythos novels, which are stories set in the same world, but by different authors. The first of these was ‘Breeding Discontent’ by Wendy Darling and Bridgette Parker, published in 2003, and in 2005 IP brought out Terzah’s Sons, by Victoria Copus.

Books associated with the Wraeththu role-playing game, were launched by IP in 2004. In addition to our fiction titles, we have developed a nonfiction list, publishing cutting-edge esoteric titles.

The nonfiction line was kicked off by the 2004 publication of Taylor Ellwood’s controversial “Pop Culture Magick” (recently released as a second revised edition). More titles followed, and Taylor was appointed the managing editor over Megalithica Books, Immanion Press’ nonfiction imprint.

Since then, the Megalithica imprint has included a wide variety of well-received books on esoteric topics. In addition to Taylor’s other books, including “Space/Time Magic”, “Inner Alchemy” and “Multi-Media Magic”, titles from a number of previously unpublished authors were brought on board. These talented magicians and writers, including (but not limited to) Tony Mierzwicki, Lupa, and Frater Barrabbas, took the opportunities offered to them by Immanion/Megalithica and flourished.

Additionally, we have worked with previously published authors. Some, such as Brandy Williams and Joshua Wetzel, offered up new, revised editions of some of their best works. Others, including Nick Farrell and Erynn Rowan Laurie, gave us brand-new works, never before published. And there are those along the lines of Bill Whitcomb and Gerald del Campo, who have offered us a bit of both.

We’re gaining notoriety as a publisher of innovative esoteric anthologies as well. Our first experiment–no pun intended–was the 2007 “Magick on the Edge: An Anthology of Experimental Magick” edited by Taylor Ellwood. This was followed up a year later by his “Manifesting Prosperity: A Wealth Magic Anthology”, and “The Pop Culture Grimoire” less than a year after that. Lupa has been busy editing anthologies as well, presenting “Talking About the Elephant: An Anthology of Neopagan Perspectives on Cultural Appropriation” (Nov. 2008), “Engaging the Spirit World: Shamanism, Totemism and Other Animistic Practices” (2009) and “Digging Up the Ostrich’s Head: Animal Sacrifice in Modern Pagan Practices” (2010).

Our Catalogue can be accessed on our website at

Non Fiction Releases August-November 2011

Shades of Faith: Minority Voices in Paganism

SHADES OF FAITH by Crystal Blanton


Shades of Faith: Minority Voices in Paganism is an anthology that encompasses the voices and experiences of minorities within the Pagan community and addresses some of the challenges, stereotyping, frustrations, talents, history and beauties of being different within the racial constructs of typical Pagan or Wiccan groups.

Often the associations of the roots of Paganism have pushed assumptions that worshippers of Paganism are strictly Caucasian. The mainstreaming of Wicca has elevated images of worship and deity that connect with Celtic, Greek or Roman cultures. There are a lot of minority races that are practicing Pagans and are often having a myriad of experiences that are fashioned by the reality of walking between the worlds of their birth ancestry or culture and that of their spiritual culture. This anthology is an opportunity to share their stories and experiences with others around being the minorities within a minority spiritual community.

Some of the practitioners in this anthology practice paths that include (but are not limited to) Wicca, Voodoo, Umbanda, Shaman, Native and other Pagan paths. Join us in celebrating the incredible diversity and beauty that encompass the harmony that has created the song of the Pagan community. The previously unheard voices of our community are now sharing the power of experience through the written word and through their voices.

Author: Crystal Blanton

ISBN: 978-1-905713-69-1

Pages: 144

Release Date: August 2011

Price: £10.99 $19.99


FULLTRÚI, Patrons in Asatru

FULLTRÚI, Patrons in Asatru by Mist

Throughout history, the ancient Northern people claimed themselves devoted to their gods. In many of the sagas and folklore, the ancients even trace back lineage directly to the divine. Today, in modern heathenry close personal relationships with deities have returned with full force. FULLTRÚI examines this phenomenon by showing real life examples of people living with patron gods. Granting readers an inside look into the joy and hardships of these relationships through personal firsthand accounts of those living and working with gods, FULLTRÚI answers many questions about working with gods including how to find and develop relationships with the gods by using practical and down to earth material that virtually everyone can relate to. This book breaks the standard academic nature of most heathen books, by allowing readers into the life of those that live with the gods. FULLTRÚI includes: Exercises to develop personal relationships with gods; Guided meditation to discover your personal patron and the worlds they live in; Devotional poetry to bring you closer to your gods; Compelling articles that show deep connections with gods; Historical examples of patron relationships. And much more.

Let Mist take you on a personal exploration of patron relationships through which anyone can learn and develop bonds of their own. Come and heed the voice of the gods and submit yourself to fulltrúi.

Author: Mist

ISBN: 978-1-905713-65-3

Pages: 172

Release Date: June 2011

Price: £10.99 $19.99


Reiki Light: Reiki, Buddhism and the Medicine Buddha

REIKI LIGHT by Karl Hernesson

This book is a primer for spiritual seekers and an introduction for those interested in Reiki, Buddhism, the Medicine Buddha and energy healing techniques. No previous knowledge is required, as the book includes the Medicine Buddha Healing Hands Technique, which will allow you to use the methods in the book for your own and others’ benefit, whether you’ve had formal training before or not.

The author also examines the history and development of Reiki in depth, penetrating the myths and fantasies that have grown up around it. He explores aspects of Buddhism, and in particular the Medicine Buddha, that are pertinent to any practitioner, whatever their spiritual path. Filled with new, creative and interesting ways to work with healing energy, this book is an encyclopaedia of techniques. It covers diverse aspects and practices, including the use of mantras and meditation, and there is also a section for people with disabilities, giving a host of useful techniques for them to use healing energy effectively, whatever their physical limitations. The author has drawn upon his own experiences and experiments, as well as those of other practitioners, to create one of the most comprehensive collections of techniques ever produced.

Author: Karl Hernesson

Release Date: October 2011

ISBN: 978-1-905713-33-2

Pages: 416

Price: £13.99 $22.99

Fiction Releases August-November 2011

To Indigo, by Tanith Lee

TO INDIGO by Tanith Lee

Don’t talk to strangers, Don’t even look at them.

The life of Roy Phipps can be summed up in a paragraph: He’s fifty, leads an uneventful, well-organized existence in the house inherited from his parents, earns a modest income writing formulaic detective novels, and remembers, sometimes, his encounters with women.

Roy’s only aberration is the other novel he has been secretively also writing for years, the sprawling and florid story of the mad poet Vilmos, a study of murder, angst and alchemic magic. Then one evening Roy meets Vilmos, face to face.

Of course, handsome Vilmos’s double, Joseph Traskul, is only a coincidental look-alike. But in those fatal minutes a terrible bond is formed. For Traskul is, at the very least, insane – charismatic, predatory, lawless – a sort of human demon – whose almost supernatural powers, once provoked, will prove unstoppable.

As the fiery shadows close in on him, Roy soon understands that he is now fighting for his own sanity. And probably for his life.

ISBN: 9781907737213

Pages: 320

Price: £11.99 $20.99


The Shadow Cycles by Philip Emery


Rorn, Waste-Ranger of Nightwake, looks across a wreckage of utter unending night, unsullied by moons or stars, prowled by things suited to blindness and ruin. A realm where man clings to survival in impregnable noctilucent mansions, where only a few can and do step outside to take messages of possibility and comfort

“Waste-Ranger! The vat!”

Rorn turns. There’s a stirring of light in the magma of the prophecy vat behind him. Not glowing but flickering. Not swirling but growing. Something on fire, or perhaps of fire, is swimming up through the blackness, about to burst out.

With four others, all of different realms, Rorn is transported to a new world.The last magician of a race of magicians; another possessing and possessed by a vampiric labrys; a towering swordsman whose blade sucks out the evil of those it slays; an assassin shape-shedder.

All five are plunged into a strangely black sea which ships sail across like dreams across obsidian – a sea of shadow. They find themselves in the midst of an uncanny war fought over generations but approaching a final apocalyptic battle where victory is to be won not by strength or strategy but by something far stranger.

ISBN: 978-1-907737-10-7

Pages: 256

Price: £12.99 $21.99


Mythanimus, A Collection of Stories by Storm Constantine

MYTHANIMUS by Storm Constantine

The fourth in Immanion Press’s series of Storm Constantine’s short story collections, Mythanimus includes the most recent of her stories, as well as a variety of rarities.

Several of the stories appeared in small press magazines, such as An Elemental Tale and Dancer for the World’s Death, so will have been read by few, while one of them – The Silver Paladin – is in print for the first time.

“Some of the pieces in this collection were first written way back when I was a teenager – since rewritten, naturally – and all of them to me speak of the ‘myth inside’. We create our own mythologies constantly; we are drawn to archetypes and live out archetypal dramas. In the depths of our dreams and our most soaring imaginations, we are creatures of myth, capable of anything.” Storm Constantine

ISBN: 9781904853602

Pages: 356

Price: £12.99 $21.99


The Book on Fire by Keith Miller

THE BOOK ON FIRE by Keith Miller

Balthazar, book thief and bon vivant, arrives in Alexandria to steal from the famous library. But from the moment he steps off the boat, a veiled figure shadows him. Zeinab, literary prostitute and avenging ghost, will be his chaperone through the city of books. With her help, he succeeds in penetrating the underground library. But once inside, instead of ransacking it, he becomes obsessed with the youngest librarian, Shireen, who was born in the library and is herself more than half book. Their love story forms the heart of the novel. Balthazar schemes to get Shireen out of the library. But Zeinab has plans of her own . . .

In sumptuous, evocative prose, ‘The Book on Fire’ explores the relationships between creation and destruction, between belief and imagination, between desire and fulfillment.

This new edition contains the bonus story, City of Bones, and a brand new cover

Ursula K. Le Guin said of Keith Miller’s first novel, ‘The Book of Flying’, that it was “original in concept and elegant in language”, and Booklist called it “a beautiful and haunting modern fable that reads like exquisite poetry”. This second novel amply fulfills the promise of the first.

ISBN: 978-1-907737-20-6

Pages: 260

Price: £11.99 $20.99


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