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Killing Violets: Gods’ Dogs

Tanith Lee

Killing Violets: Gods' Dogs by Tanith Lee

March 2012

192 pages


1st edition

ISBN: 978-1-907737-36-7

£10.99, $19.99

Editor/Interior Layout: Storm Constantine

Cover Artist: John Kaiine

Genre: Mystery/Thriller



1934… Starving to death somewhere in Europe, Anna meets Raoul.

She is ready to sell herself for a meal, but he has other plans. He takes her to England, to a summer of torrential rain, and the dubious mansion of his arrogant and unsavoury relatives, the Basultes.

It seems Anna is also to ‘enjoy’ the godly Basulte life. But the mounds of stodgy food, the genuflecting servants, the mindless cruelty of class, (the endless rain), affront her. Besides, she is becoming aware of the family, Raoul included, is playing with her a macabre and silly game.

Anna is a survivor – she has had to be – practiced at acting out the impossible. Both the aristocratic malignities, and the Hogarthian orgies of the servants, can be accommodated, if they must. For did they but know, Anna has a past as savage and explicit as anything seen in the Basulte house.

The past, that was Preguna, where Anna loved Árpád, during a European summer of soft heat. Until love ended in the darkness that now hangs on every moment of her life, reducing all other things, however murderous, to nothing.



Liber Ursi

Caballistic Planetary Rituals From Temple of the Eternal Light

Karen DePolito and Jerome Birnbaum

Liber Ursi - Caballistic Planetary Rituals by Karen DePolito and Jerome Birnbaum

April 2012

184 pages


1st edition

ISBN: 978-1-905713-75-2

£10.99, $19.99, E12.85, $17.40Aus, $17.15Can

Editor/Interior Layout: Taylor Ellwood

Cover Artist: Danielle Lainton

Genre: Magic Studies



Liber Ursi presents a series of ceremonial magick rituals, created by Karen DePolito and her late partner, Jerome Birnbaum (a/k/a Tau Ursa), when they ran Temple of the Eternal Light in New York City. They are based on Jerome’s work with the Necronomicon, which he helped his own teacher, Simon, put together in the 1970’s. The work progresses up the planetary spheres (Sephiras) of the Caballistic Tree of Life, with commentaries on each planet along the way.

You will also learn about preparing for ritual, magickal clothing and tools, meditation, visualization, and establishing ritual space.

Liber Ursi is for students with a beginning knowledge of magick, who are interested in higher forms of ceremonialism – a simpler, user-friendly alternative for those discouraged by the complexities of similar books.

Regardless of the reader’s own spiritual tradition, Liber Ursi provides a well-rounded introduction to Caballistic Ceremonial magick, and a springboard for a dedicated practitioner’s own evolution.


Larisa Hunter, Publicity Rep Immanion Press/Megalithica Books



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