Magical creatures and otherworldly beings are without dogma


Imagine the following scene:

To call her spiritual ally, a being not from this physical world, is the best way for her to sort out her problem. This unknown being is called from a place far away in a language never used, by an unknown name. He is a bringer of prosperity, monetary and otherwise. She is the only one who knows his name; he gave it to her when she found him on the planes. He is as strong as a god, but he doesn’t want to be called that. He is her ally, her friend, her guide. He is part of her reality, because he can cause change and affect her reality in a positive way. She can make sense of him, see and hear him, and communicate with him. When she falls asleep and finds herself awake in a dream, he is there to carry her on his back, showing her landscapes far more beautiful than what she remembers from earthly life. When she feels unprotected and vulnerable she just call his name, in a flash he will be there showing himself in his magnificent form.

We decide what to include in our version of reality, most of the truths that we think exist for everyone are possibly non-truths imprinted on our web of reality.

 Who can deny the feeling that sometimes something unseen is watching from a place unknown sending energies or vibrations that makes your spine crawl? You reassure yourself with the thought: “I am imagining it.” You give a sigh of relief, glad that sanity prevailed again. Or you invoke words of power to chase evil energies away.

All of us grow up with some sort of belief system or religion that sells a specific view on what we are actually feeling. Later in life we make choices, we are happy with what we are told or decide to make a change to believe in something else.

Our chosen belief system will explain the energies from entities as angelic, demonic, godly, spirit masters, the energies of dearly departed aunt Bessie, or archetypes of the psyche; we accept it as truthful because we believe it to be. Who dares to really challenge a belief? Instead of finding the truths for ourselves we are just exchanging belief systems and accepting dogmas.

I always love the way people merge beliefs of different systems because it is so difficult to let go of old programming. They would rather merge the old with the new instead of renewing themselves, unsure of their new path not certain that it is right for them. I have respect for the purists, those who try to stay true to their system. I also respect the others, the ones searching for answers by looking at the new, not wanting to let go of the old.

We make contact with the otherworldly beings through the belief system that we choose, categorising them in the way the system we are following is prescribing. Because we are afraid of the beings we cannot see, we choose to follow a system that has been given to us by an authority. Who challenges the beings and spheres of existence listed in the Qabbala? Who questions the validity of the angelic hierarchies by Johannes Trithemius and John Dee or the demonic rankings by William Gray, Sebastien Michaelis and others? Who can say for certain that a pantheon of gods is portrayed in the correct way? Who goes into the other-worlds looking for truth, looking to find their allies?  We choose to believe rather than to find out.

We are being told and taught by some systems that the beings from other dimensions are bound with chains to do good or evil work and we have to use force to ask them to do our bidding. For some the spirit world and the beings that inhabit that world are inherently evil or indifferent towards us and we need constant protection from them. I know of Wiccans who are regularly engaging in a Christian angel versus demon battle, forgetting that a supposedly pre-Christian religion has nothing to do with that sort of thought pattern. I know of spiritual workers that still think that evil magic has to do with the type of entity you work with, irrespective of your intent. We blame the beings form the other worlds for our misfortunes, although we don’t know anything about them. How can we blame or judge them if we are not prepared to get to know them?

Different beings exist on different frequencies around us, we have to tune into those frequencies to get to know them. We will learn that dogma cannot explain the wonder of what they are. You can only fully experience this wonder when you explore their realms, their domains, their spheres with an open mind.


Eduard Horn

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