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In this digital world with so many mediums in which one can contact, connect, distribute and advertise oneself, it amazes me that there are such severe flaws with our digital world. The first flaw is that of the overly quiet communities that are out there. So many people seem to be writing but not submitting? Perhaps this is a flaw in how we as seekers of contributions are advertising? Maybe it is the fact that titles are not appealing to enough of an audience? But, one of the founding reasons I think there is a lack of submissions is the lack of places to advertise about these. I have found several places that actually limit publishers to the amount of submissions that they can make, this includes limiting authors.

There are some forums that restrict a post, even a call for submission every 90 days, they also limit where and when an author can post, even demanding that authors also contribute articles too! I would love to be able to write as many articles as I could, but as an author I cannot possibly write enough articles to simply placate an advertising slot! This is why I love places like Penton! Penton does not ask me to write simply to advertise, in fact I feel guilty that I cannot write more for them, just to say thanks!

The other issue I am finding is that in certain communities who are against contributing because of who else is in the book! Really!! They do! I can understand it somewhat, there are certain elements in the Asatru community who are pro-giant that are looked at as being very seedy and untrustworthy, although in all honesty I don’t see those who are not pro-giant offering to contribute their opinions. In fact, it seems like those labeled as community pariah are more likely to contribute to your book, thus in my opinion they are filling a much needed resource. If people have issues with a particular author or opinion, then why in the world are they not offering an alternate view?

It also surprised me to find the shear lack of updated sites out there, and the lack of those frequenting these sites. I think of WitchVox for example. This site used to be ‘the place’ to be and find local pagans and heathens, but lately I have noticed a distinct decline in the site. The site is very difficult to navigate, there are out of date links, out of date articles, and I am certain this has to do with a single web admin being responsible for doing it all! I still frequent the site, but it seriously needs to be upgraded! In my own heathen community, it seems that sites appear and then disappear just as quickly, which makes you wonder if these places are even still being frequented and kept updated.

As an author, I really hope that we can encourage new and unheard authors to contribute! Perhaps it would be a good idea to instigate a poll on how people would like to know or contribute to works in progress! I hope that even though the articles in the book may not represent the vast majority that this encourages those form every corner of the community to contribute!

It is time to break the silence and take part in creating a new vision of our communities. Even if you’re not sure that your work will fit, contact the author anyway! Just contact authors or publishers to see if your idea or concept might be publishing worthy! Don’t be afraid of rejection or that an author is going to tell you something negative, I cannot speak for all of us, but I read EVERY submission and have never yet had to tell a contributor no! I respect all submissions because writing is not easy!

If you currently blog, then consider contributing to a work in progress, because you too could take part in creating a much needed resource for your community! Hopefully places like Penton will offer a good way for announcing these places to contribute and hopefully connect others to authors and publishers that are looking for you!

I hope that with websites, they perhaps one day are replaced with much better ways to connect. I really think in this age we have moved beyond the forum age and into various other ways of communicating! I hope that through places like Twitter, Facebook and Google + we can create a new venue for future generations of practitioners of both paganism and heathenism a place to find new ways to connect!


Larisa Hunter

Publicity Rep Immanion Press/Megalithica Books


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