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One of the biggest challenges when starting to write in your spiritual journal may be that you feel you have nothing to write. Using a form of divination in your daily life can allow you to grow. It helps you to understand where you are currently in your life and how you can move forward. It also gives you the opportunity to ask your Spiritual Guardians, Guides and Angels for advice and guidance and you have the tools necessary to receive an answer.

Using these divination tools to start the journaling process can take you even one step further. In your Spiritual Journal you can write down what happened in your reading, in the case of Runes, which ones you drew and what they represented, and you can receive messages from your Guides.

Then you go one step further, and you continue to write about the reading and any personal interpretations that come to mind. Simply just write, let it flow.

From this point you will be able to look to your Inner Strength and your Intuition for further guidance in daily matters. Perhaps there is someone or something that has been bothering you. It is also usually in moments like these when light is shed on all manner of matters, sometimes even things you didn’t realize were bothering you.

You are then able to work through problems and find solutions, to live a greater spiritual life, and to be able to find balance and harmony within yourself and in your life.

Before you realise it, you will be writing in your Spiritual Journal on a daily basis. One of the joys of tapping into your own “Inner Wisdom” is quite often you will crave more of it. This is because once you have tapped into that part of yourself, you begin to realise your own personal potential for growth and just how limitless it really is.

If there is a day when you just really don’t feel like drawing runes and writing in your journal, then that is the time when you absolutely must do just that. A lot of times you will find that there is an underlying reason for not wanting to draw runes or write in your journal. A lot of the time that reason is Fear. There may be something you are afraid to face or find out the answer to. Don’t allow this fear to take a hold in your life, or whatever it is they may be preventing you from your rune journaling. Do it anyway, moving forward is the only way you will be able to remove any obstacles and continue to grow as a spiritual being. Even if all you do is draw one single rune and write it and its meaning down that day, you are still taking the step to continue moving forward.

Drawing Runes

There are two basic layouts I like to use when drawing runes for rune journaling, which I am going to share with you.

Before you begin, spend a moment taking a few deep, slow breaths in and out. Quietly listen to your own breath and allow yourself to feel calm and centred. You don’t want to draw any runes while feeling rushed and chaotic.

While still in their bag, shake and mix your runes around. Think about the reason for your reading, and ask any questions you have for your guides.

Below I am going to give you the meanings of the different runes, before you select a rune or let them “fall” spend a short moments thinking about the meaning behind the runes position and how it is relevant to your reading. During this time continue to mix up the runes.

Layout 1: In-depth reading

In front of you, clear the area where you will be reading your runes. Make sure the surface is as flat and even as possible. Use something to create a circle (I like to use a length of chord). This circle should be no wider than 20cm to 30cm in diameter.

Remember: The wider the diameter the more likely you will be working with more runes and will have a longer reading.

Reach into your bag of runes and draw just one single rune. This will be your Significator rune. Basically it will be the rune that represents You, where you and your personal energy are right now in your life. Place this rune in the centre of the circle you created.

Then continue to shake around your runes for a moment, in their bag, while asking what it is you want to know from them. When you are ready, open your bag and let the runes “fall where they may” in the circle you have created.

Remove any runes that have fallen outside of the circle and any that have fallen upside down or on their sides, the ones that are left will be the ones that will form your reading.

The runes that fall closest to the Significator rune are the ones that represent your Past or Source. They represent what has happened to you that has the most affect over you with regards to the purpose of your reading and where you are currently.

The runes that have fallen in-between the Past runes and the edge of the circle represent your Present or Action. They show you where you are at the moment, what you need to work through and any actions you need to take in order to move forward.

Any runes very close to or touching the marker of your circle represents your Future or Outcome. These runes tell you what is more than likely to happen if you continue on your current path, and perhaps what you should look at if you decide you wish to change this outcome.

Layout 2: Short reading

This is a much simpler version for you to work with, especially if perhaps you do not have a lot of time available.

This time around, you won’t need the circle as you will be drawing each rune individually from your bag.

As with the previous layout, first draw your Significator rune and place it in front of you. Then shuffle your runes around and draw a single rune out for your Past / Source, draw a rune for your Present / Action and lastly draw a rune for your Future / Outcome.

Once you have finished your reading, if any of the three areas don’t quite make sense, you can always mix your bag of runes around and ask for a rune to bring clarification on the matter. Draw it from your bag and place it below the rune you are looking for clarification on.

Using your runes for journaling can help you in so many ways on a personal and spiritual level. It will also help you to get to know your runes very well. They will become charged with your energy and one day you might find that they almost feel like they are a part of you. You might even find that you no longer need to use a book, or source, of interpretation to know what they mean, because you already know, both in your heart and mind, what they mean.

I do have one small rule when it comes to this type of journaling. That is to remember to have fun! Don’t take it too seriously and don’t let it feel like it’s a chore, nobody likes chores! It is a fun tool to use to become the best person that you can be.


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