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Jenna Greene is a Pagan Singer / Songwriter who creates beautiful, soulful music. She has just released her second album Wild Earth Childand I had the privilege of interviewing her for Penton Independent Pagan Media.

Nathalie: You have taken a very different route when it comes to selling and marketing your music. Can you tell us a little about and why you decided to go this way instead of the traditional music label route?

Jenna Greene

Jenna Kickstarter is a crowd-funding web site. There, I was able to tell the world about my album project.  Crowd-funding is much different from the old model of fund-raising.  It’s about including supporters in the process.  All who donated as little as a dollar to my project received thank you gifts, behind-the-scenes info and progress reports. They had the opportunity to hear demos and received the finished album before it was released to the public.  It was an amazing experience to work-on-one with fans old and new.  I constantly receive notes of feedback, encouragement and excitement.  In my liner notes, I explained how this album was “produced by magic” and it truly was!  People from all over the world, from many earth-centered communities, came together to make new mythic music happen.

Nathalie: Your first album had a Celtic Style but some of your new songs are a lot more diverse, can you tell us a little more about these?

Jenna I have always been fascinated by Celtic mythology.  Over the past few years, I began to compare the myths I know and love to other cultures, places and spiritualities.  The commonalities are astounding!  These broader world myths inspired new music and influenced my writing style.  I began to incorporate Spanish, African and Middle-Eastern rhythms.  The overall theme of these songs was of oneness which, looking back, makes perfect sense!

Nathalie: What inspired you to bring together the elements of Myth and Music?

Jenna I see myth and music as coming from the same sacred Source.  Both have the ability to uplift and heal people and our planet.  I love combining these forces and seeing what happens!

Nathalie: In one sentence, how would you sum up the music on your new album?

Jenna:  Wild Earth Child is a collection of funky, world folk-style songs that celebrate the realization that we are all connected to each other, to Nature and to the Divine, which not only surrounds us but dwells within each of us.

Nathalie: Do you have any advice for someone looking to follow a similar musical path?

Jenna One lesson that was very hard for me to learn was to embrace and foster the business woman in me.  I got stuck in a mind set that many artists wrestle with.  I saw the creative aspects of music as sacred but I saw the other parts as the “mundane stuff” I had to “deal with.”  Just as a seedling needs both water and sunshine to grow, a music business needs both good music and good business to grow.  It took me a long time (and I still have a long way to go) but I’ve learned to actually enjoy doing the booking, mailing, balancing of books, all of those left-brained tasks.

Nathalie: When you begin to create new music, how/where do you find your inspiration?

Jenna Creating music is always a healing process for me, a form of mystical, holistic therapy.  My songs usually start with me feeling down or worried about something and I’m working with Goddess and/or Faerie energies to lift myself to a higher place.  By sharing these songs, it is my hope that I’ll uplift others as well. 

Nathalie: Do you have any quirky habits you use while you work?

Jenna Yes, many!  The song writing part of my brain is never shut off.  If I get an idea, I have to capture it before it gets away.  I always have a tape recorder with me and sometimes it will start playing by itself.  So, it often sounds like my purse or my car are singing!  You can often find me singing into answering machines.  This was my first way of recording.  I would call myself, sing to myself, play the message back and record harmonies over it.  Also, I have been known to spring from my bed in the middle of the night.  Often, the best ideas come in dreams and I have learned the hard way that I will not remember my dream song in the morning.

Nathalie: What are some of your favourite things to do when you take a break from work?

Jenna Spending time with my family is my favorite thing to do.  I especially love gardening with my daughter.  We have a faerie garden where we commune with Nature and make up songs together.  I also love to create art of all kinds: paintings, ink drawings, sculpture.  I recently discovered wool felting.  I have so much fun creating hand-crafted art for friends and family. 

Nathalie: Do you have any words of wisdom or a motto by which you live by?

Jenna My long-time favorite quote from Joseph Campbell is “When you follow your bliss, doors open where you thought there were no doors.”  Another is from the movie The Secret: “Energy flows where attention goes.”  Lately I’ve been saying an affirmation from one of my favorite authors of all time, Louise Hay: “I lovingly forgive and release the past. I fill every moment of my life with joy. I love and approve of myself.”

I would like to thank Jenna for allowing me the opportunity to interview her and I wish her the best for this album and I hope there are many more to come.

You can buy CDs and downloads direct from Jenna at

Downloads are also available at:

iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, Napster & Bandcamp

Jenna Greene is currently planning a live album which will hopefully be recorded later in the year, which is something to definitely keep your eyes and ears open for.


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