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blackwell_interviewsI manage to keep track of a few forums overseas, such as the Children of Artemis over in England. One of the people who posts there is Faolan na Amarok. There were others there that thought she would be an interesting person to interview so I asked and she was kind enough to give me time for this interview.

Christopher: Could you tell our readers a bit about your background?

Faolan: I don’t know if you would class me as first generation, because although I came from a Celtic bloodline, my ancestors were Protestant/Orange order, but not so Puritan they couldn’t accept their psychic gifts as anything but natural and normal, and what preceded the deaths of my Maternal Great Grandmother  and mother was quite super- natural. My father’s side were Pavine, Irish Romanchal. His mother was a Tarot reader.

Christopher: What was it like to grow up in a family where such gifts were an accepted part of life? Are you fortunate to have any gifts of you own?

Faolan: It piqued my interest, as I got older, especially as I already possessed these gifts myself by the time I was eleven years old. On the brink of puberty I had the ability to see the future and was aware of the presence of spirits. As I matured, so did these abilities. I was comfortable in being able to talk about my experiences without being disbelieved, mocked, or censored. Indeed, it was a two way thing, as my parents were able to tell me of my great grandmother , my grandmother, and their own experiences.

Christopher: What led to you becoming Pagan?

Faolan: Even as a child, brought up in the rigid doctrine of Protestantism, I questioned the Christian God. I annoyed my religious education teachers at school by asking questions they could not answer. When we stayed with my grandparents in Ulster, where my grandfather was head of his Freemason lodge and verger at his local church, going to church was absolutely mandatory I would try and wriggle out of going.

Then, much later on, my late husband and I suffered a tragedy; we lost a daughter to cot death. That and the padre’s inability to answer my questions was the end of any belief we had in the Christian faith. For quite a while we were both Atheist. My husband remained so for the rest of his life.

In the early seventies I was invited to seminars on Metaphysics and Theosophy at a local vegetarian restaurant aptly named The Chalice. Much of what I learned  resonated with me very deeply and I began reading anything and everything I could on the subjects.

There is a saying “when the pupil is ready, the master will come”.

I wasn’t drawn to any particular path at that time. In fact I didn’t even consider Paganism, until what I call That Dream. I dreamed I was driving around in my neighbourhood but the road signs were all in Egyptian hieroglyphics. Eventually I stopped and got out of the car. Isis was waiting there. She embraced me and called me daughter. I never looked back.

Christopher: So how would you describe you path?

Faolan: The official name for my path is Khemeticism. Khemet  means Black Earth, a name the Ancient Egyptians gave their country. But I am not rigidly Khemetic. As I live in Northern Europe, I observe the neo-Pagan sabbats too, such as Samhain. The wheel of the year, as with other things, incorporated into Paganism actually makes sense. It is also a reminder as to how transitory time is; strip away man-made time and it still goes by really swiftly.

Christopher: Do you practice solitary or work with a group?

Faolan: I am and always have been solitary for several reasons, but having said that, there are no Khemetic circles per se. I find that one person can accomplish just as much as thirteen. Having said that, I have synchronized a spell with a male Khemetic practitioner  in another part of the country and the results were astounding; the thing we worked for happened within hours. But this really was a one off.

Christopher: How do you connect with the rest of the Pagan community?

Faolan: I connect with the rest of the Pagan community through COA, and by belonging to the Pagan Federation. Where I live there are Pentacle wearing people, but no moots I can get to.

Christopher: How does this affect your daily life and what have you gained through following your path?

Faolan: With Khemet we have “Confessions to Ma’at” which are gone through at bedtime; “I have not…..this day”, so you list what you have Not done, such as lie, steal, etc. Some of course are quite archaic, we don’t have servants for instance, but many have employees. The Confessions are as valid today as they were then. A Roman Catholic priest once told me, I was more spiritual than many of his congregation. I think this is because Paganism is a mindful path. In daily life I try to keep the confessions in mind, to treat everyone I meet with kindness and respect. I believe every man and woman carries within them the divine spark of the Lord and Lady.

Christopher: You mentioned spell-crafting earlier. What are your views on using spells for yourself and for others?

Faolan: I have found by experience, when I craft for others, either by request, or with their consent, there are amazing results. I would never do this without their knowledge as it would be unethical, in that it would take away their free will.

For myself though, spells are quite hard, I’m not suggesting they don’t work, but sometimes they take longer, or I find myself being redirected. By this I mean the deity in question will often introduce another deity to me, who is actually more suitable for the task in hand. So a whole new set-up must be arranged.

Spell-craft is grey, not black, not white, and if you balance baneful and beneficial  you will have grey. Practicing one exclusively causes imbalance.

Christopher: Do you do any form of divination? Have you ever done if professionally?

Faolan: I mentioned earlier that my paternal grandmother was a Tarot reader, but she died when I was very young. I enlisted in the Womens’ Royal Army Corps just before my 17th birthday and once a week we’d spend the evening doing various chores. Afterwards we had free time. One night one of the girls produced a pack of ordinary playing cards. I had never played cards before, but from out of nowhere I found myself taking a card or two from one of my friends and telling them things I couldn’t possibly have known. Afterwards I couldn’t remember what I’d said.

Even to this day, I have no idea where this knowledge comes from. I can only think I read someone’s magnetic energy, or, it’s a form of time travel. If time is linear, maybe some people are able to travel back and forth.

My late husband bought me my first deck of Tarot cards many years later. I found myself reading at school fetes and charity bazaars and I say modestly, my reputation was such that people would travel many miles for a reading. Later on I answered an advert in Prediction magazine asking for home readers. I worked the graveyard shift – it paid better – and I am always more psychically attuned when I am slightly tired. In very little time I had regular callers who asked for me by name.

Christopher: You mentioned earlier about having certain gifts. Can you tell us about them and how they have affected your life?

Faolan: My ability to see the future comes at a price, I knew our daughter would not live long, and I foresaw her death on the night she died. Sadly it could not be prevented.

Christopher: What are you beliefs about death?

Faolan: There is No Death, I have always known this. Shortly before her funeral I heard her chuckling as I entered the bedroom. Since my husband died last June, I have seen him and heard his voice several times.

Christopher: You mentioned being against your late mother-in-law’s insolvent Séances? Could you tell us about that?

Faolan: My late mother in law began performing séances during WW2; every house they lived in was haunted, but in my opinion this was no coincidence. I am aware there are mischievous entities and some are downright nasty and deceitful. Without protection when conducting magic or divination they will gatecrash. Séances, in my view, are an open invitation. They will mimic the voice of a dead relative and convince you that they are your dead relative. The more credulous you are, the more power / energy you feed them.

Telepathically talking to your lost loved one is simple and safe. Sit quietly and reach out mentally to them. Their voices will answer you. It’s not your imagination, believe me, they are never so far away that they cannot cross the rainbow bridge when you need them  I am able to create a rainbow bridge Tarot spread for my clients, and connect with the energy of their lost loved ones for them.

Christopher: You mentioned a love for gardening and for animals?

Faolan: We must always balance our lives, even our spirituality needs something which lightens our days. My something has always been a love of animals. For some reason I have always had an affinity with them and can read their body language. So it is not surprising that our home was always full of various cats, dogs and wee creatures like hamsters. For over thirty years we bred, exhibited, trained and ultimately had a lot of fun.

My ability to connect with them gave many a vet a headache, as I would often disagree with his diagnosis and treatment and tell him exactly what was wrong. We actually came sued a vet for negligence once when he refused to listen and we lost five pups from a litter of seven and almost lost their dam. He admitted his negligence though and actually said “she must have sixth sense”. Indeed. I own (maybe own is the wrong word) an irascible parrot nowadays, but no potty mouthed bird. I get “Colonel Bogey”, “The Marseilles” and “Shaun the Sheep”.

My love of natural witchcraft shows in my garden. I have a Green Man plaque, a Dryad plant pot and a tree sprite carving. Gardening is something else which runs in the blood. My maternal grandfather was head gardener for a well known Lord and Lady, and he had a wonderful cottage garden of his own. I spent hours with him. He had bee hives in the orchard and taught me the names of all the flowers. He also grew all his own fruit and vegetables, kept a brace of Jersey cows, and had a chicken coop of Rhode Island reds. After I left the army I was given the opportunity to work as a landscape gardener and qualify as one. At times, on a drowsy quiet afternoon, I could hear granddad encouraging me or telling me I should have done something differently.

Christopher: Is there anything else that you would like our readers to know?

Faolan: Never ever ignore gut feelings and never dismiss them as imagination. Keep your mind open always. Be careful what you wish for, be it cosmic ordering or spell-crafting. There is little difference between them. Everything starts as a thought, an idea. We have all heard of self fulfilling prophesy.

My final piece of advice is this, whenever you have a dilemma, a problem or a worry, give yourself the same advice you would give your best friend and take it.

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