Inter-Faith Pagan Library for South Africa

Rev. Laurie Denman

Correllian-Nativist Tradition (U.S.)


Since last fall the Correllian-Nativist Tradition, along with our friends across the Pagan community, have been gathering Pagan oriented books, CD’s, videos, software and divination tools in order to create an Inter-Faith Pagan Library in Cape Town, South Africa.  These materials cross a variety of Pagan faiths, technical specialties and include non-fiction as well as fictional works for all age levels.  CDs include music as well as guided psychic exercises and meditations.  An Inter-Faith Pagan Library, S. A. Indiegogo campaign is being put on to secure the funds needed to ship said library to Cape Town and hopefully purchase a Wendy House to store it in.  Shipment will take place in late April as the last content donations will be accepted on March 31st.  Before the library is shipped it will be displayed at the Pre-Lustration send off in South Florida beginning on April 18th.

While we are hoping to consolidate the shipping to take advantage of a freight rate, currently we are looking at a shipping cost of $60US per 20 pounds of library inventory.  We currently are looking at around 300 items to be shipped to Africa but that will continue to grow as more donations come in before the March 31st deadline.  A Wendy House is the South African name for a small storage shed type house.  The use of a Wendy House will allow broader access to the library within the Pagan community in Cape Town.  If we do not reach our goal of obtaining the Wendy House, the library will be housed on book shelves in the personal home of the High Priestess of the Correllian-Nativist Tradition Clan of Kheper Temple which means it could only be accessed through her.  The cost of the Wendy House has been included in the top donation level for the Indiegogo campaign.  If excess funds are collected above and beyond what is needed for shipping the current collection and purchasing and fitting the Wendy House with shelves the library will be expanded by purchasing more content.

So if the international shipping cost is so great and the optimal facility doesn’t exist to house the Inter-Faith Pagan Library once it gets there, why are the Correllian-Nativist Tradition and our broader Pagan community doing this?  Why not just collect books in South Africa?  Both good questions!

The exchange rate from Rand to US Dollars is very high.  For every one US dollar the Rand equivalent is almost 9 Rands.  Books written outside of South Africa can cost as much as 2 days worth of food for most people there.  We can build a much broader library selection by collecting gently used books or even discounted new books within the US.

The Correllian-Nativist Tradition promised the Parliament of World’s Religions that such an Inter-Faith Pagan Library would be established.  This library is the fulfillment of that promise.  Remember to see the change, you must be the change!

Information on the Indiegogo campaign can be found by clicking this link

It is hoped you will take the time to look through the Indiegogo campaign and that one of our many perks will peak your interest in donating to this very worthy cause.  The book mark and T-shirt are of custom design that is only available through this Indiegogo campaign.  Many of our perks are from South Africa and the bordering lands.  All of the stones are of excellent metaphysical quality.  The pictures represented portray a typical stone offered as a perk but not the exact one you will receive unless it is the unique one, the Jan Coetzee Quartz Crystal which comes from the personal collection of the High Priest at the Clan of Kheper Temple.  Your stones will be of similar size and quality if multiple perks are listed for that donation level. Be sure to indicate a shirt size and which version of the Ndebele Doll you wish to receive in your payment information.  Finally, your support of this project can forever been commemorated by picking the shelf or entrance plaques donation levels. The inscription on the plaques can be anything you would like within the engraving limitations listed in the perk information.

If you cannot personally donate to this Indiegogo campaign we hope you will spread the word about it by sharing the Indiegogo link via your social media and personal e-mail contact list.  You are also invited to join us on Facebook at Books for CNT South Africa to follow the progress of building the library collection and this Indiegogo campaign.
Weekly reports are published here: 

It would also be wonderful if you wished to donate content to the library.  Books on spirituality, rituals, magic, runes, tarot, herbs, Gods and Goddesses, crystals, meditation, candles, oils, crafts, dream analysis, spirit guides, numerology, astrology, cooking, Reiki healing, philosophy, pagan oriented fiction, and so much more are needed.  We would also love to get any CDs, DVDs, tarot cards, divination tools, etc. that would also be available at the library. Unfortunately due to international shipping no incense, herbs, candles or perishables can be sent.  If you wish to donate materials for the library itself, please forward those before March 31st of this year to:

Rev. Laurie Denman

11250 Old St. Augustine Road, Suite 15, #150

Jacksonville, FL 32257


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