Truth is the mother of Virtue and is a Virtue Herself. Truth is elusive and hides at the very bottom of a sacred well (the dark pit of our volatile emotions) and only those who quaff their thirst in Her essence, and dare dive into the dark depths to retrieve “the pearls She bears”, are able to court Her with Wisdom and Justice.

Virginal, the Truth is the highest and most precious state of consciousness man can achieve on his road to Perfection. Amongst Romans Veritas was considered to be an essential quality in the spiritual and moral journey of every Roman citizen.

When the Lunaguardia Tradition was founded, with the aim of bringing the individual to the gates of his inner temple, to encourage him to mount the 33 steps to the heady Sanctum Sanctorum, the motto, IN VERITAS MORTEM, or be it, the Truth in the death of personal truth (opinion or experience), was chosen.

And the Truth is Universal and not exclusive to any spiritual walk. Those who’ve sought Her know that She doth not set free, unless the desire to have dominion over Her is abandoned early in the spiritual walk.

In the first century Pontius Pilate, Roman Procurator in the Province of the Near East, became engrossed and intrigued by the appearance of one Jesus who claimed to be the Way the Truth and Light!  Pontius Pilate was amazed that the Galilean claimed to grasp the essence of the Ultimate Truth and was unmoved by the pending threat of death due to the accusations of his crimes against the Roman Empire and against Caesar.

Truth eludes man unless he be totally focused in its pursuit. He has to die to the world and dive into the depths of Its essence in order to attain Her fully. Yes, in the arms of Truth, there is the certainty of death…

To embrace Veritas is the hardest of Spiritual Disciplines. It is the death of selfhood, of opinion, obsession, even of truth itself.  It is dying to the glossy magazine reality of flawless smiles and idyllic beauty, diamond covered Mercedes, the Camel Man and the glitterati of Hollywood and Bollywood put together. To embrace the Truth means the rebellion against all Lies and all comfortable and soporyphic Falsehoods. “Truth is seldom pleasant; it is almost invariably bitter” said Alexander Solzhenitsyn.

The current moral and spiritual state of humanity betrays and reflects its need to get connected again to the understanding of the purpose of life, as well as the purpose of any form of society, and how Truth prevails, despite anything and everything within its construct.

The pursuit of Veritas/Truth means the asking of uncomfortable questions regarding everything we believe in and knowing, in an internalized recognition of Goodness (Agathodaimon), the answers to all those questions.

Throughout history Man has lost his chains, and in his unrestrained passionate fevers and irresponsible drive for more, he has placed himself above all integrity. The illusion of Freedom has blinded him and deprived him of his sense of connectedness and the Keys to the Grand Treasure House of Spirituality.  To grasp the Truth one needs an open mind and to have an open mind one must question everything.

We are all influenced by people and the things they say or write. I consider HPB’sTheosophical maxim, “there is no religion greater than the Truth” to be one of the most influential phrases in my life.  Analyzing this maxim it becomes evident that the Truth is not to be found in dogma.  It cannot be empirically tested or proven. The Truth just IS.  Many say that the truth is subjective and directly linked to the pursuit of that which is of supreme importance to the individual. Clearly, in this interpretation there is bondage and error.

Nature does not operate by chance. Everything that exits, happens, happened, will happen, is part of a Universal Paradigm, that traverses everything, animate or inanimate. It is the Divine Truth, that which keeps it all together, in Order even within the apparent Chaos. Pantheistic Veritas dressed in Itself, for no one at all, merely for It’s Truthfullness to Its own Essence.

There is but One Truth, and Truth manifests itself in many truths, as the individual discovers, through experience the rapture of his own spiritual evolution. Knowledge blossoms into Awareness and, through discipline and focus, it expands eventually into Truth-filled Consciousness.

We are immortal in essence and through embodiment we learn and gravitate towards our Higher Consciousness and away from the animal role of pleasure-bound personality.

Although we acknowledge all Divine Beings, within Lunaguardia we do not promote their worship, but rather, their honour, through emulation, and thereby the hopeful attainment of one’s crutch-less Inner Truth, or the shift from the egoic self, to the Awareness of Truth in All. This is the attainment of God-self-All or the manifestation of the Perfected and Awakened Man.

In our universality, we are pure spirit and possess the ability to discern between what is “good” or “bad” for the collective, our higher judgement, our higher self, our inherent divinity being the constant guide in the attainment of Understanding, the coming home to Truth, evolving through discrimination, intuition, and finally in All-Loving Compassion, realising the blossoming of desirelessness to exclusively possess, absorb or contain the Truth, the embracing of the All and the Nothing. Here, we ARE the “I AM!”

Doubt is questioning and questioning is good, but one can only commence to BE once the uncertainty of Being has dissipated.  Being is Veritas.

Veritas is not so easy to attain.  One has to be aroused by the Great Thirst and the Great Hunger first.  That thirst that can only be quaffed by Death and that hunger that can only be assuaged by the Truth of Godhead.

To know and to be the “I AM” is what every spiritual path is geared towards.  But this is a narrow and difficult road, the camel passing through the needle’s eye.  We are all headed THERE but first we must descend into the bowels of the Chthonic Realm, the self-made reality of our inner Tartarus, before we can ascend to the summit and there be able to say, I AM the Way!  I AM the Truth. I AM and the Light.

I wish us all “In Veritas Mortem”!


Virgil’s ‘Aenid’

The Bible





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