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K. A. Laity

Genre: Science Fiction
Release Date: September 2012
264 pages
ISBN: 978-1-907737-44-2
Catalogue Number: IP0110
Price: £11.99, $20.99, E14.05, $19.00 (Aus and Can)
Editor: Sharon Sant
Cover Art: Ruby (Forthcoming)
Interior Layout: Storm Constantine

Accidental shaman Rothschild (“Ro”) Parker has a lot of problems on her hands. Her best friend Simon just woke up from a ten year coma she may have caused, her spiritual guide is a 300 year old magpie, and the planet’s just been taken over by a group of aliens who hot-rod around eating anyone who stands still long enough to be a meal. Besides, she’s got a dead cat to bury.

In Owl Stretching, Ro has to juggle her guilt for Simon’s lost decade with her desire for spiritual and sexual exploration, a looming alien invasion and the growing suspicion that she’s about to re-enact the Descent of Inanna. Worse yet, her spiritual guide tells her she’s going to have to become a leader of the resistance. What resistance?! If guns and lasers prove useless against these invaders, what good will a steady drum beat do? All Ro really wants is a nice cup of tea. Combining mordant humour with mythic exploration, Owl Stretching shows that the inner worlds are every bit as mysterious—and dangerous—as the far reaches of the cosmos.

This book is not yet in print! This is an electronic release only!


Storm Constantine

3rd Edition

Cover Artist: Ruby
Interior Illustrations: Dave Horton

In a world dominated by the austere religion Ixmarity, a charismatic prophet arises – Resenence Jeopardy. Once a vibrancer of the Ixmaritian Church, a sacred dancer, Jeopardy has escaped his bonds of faith and is drawing the sons and daughters of the rich families of Gleberune to his heretical movement. The Church moves against him and his followers with increasing zeal and cruelty.

Lucien Earthlight, also a former vibrancer, is obsessed with Jeopardy and travels the land always just behind the man he is compelled to find. His life is unravelling and melting into the surreal, which intensifies when he meets a mysterious boy in the city of Gallimaufry, whose words are far older than his years.

Delilah Latterkin’s life is shattered when Trajan Sacripent, a follower of Jeopardy afflicted by a terrible curse, slaughters her entire community. Young and innocent as she is, she is bound to Sacripent against her will and together they too travel to seek the prophet.

Cleo Sinister, a poisoner’s wife, finds her life touched by the death of a child – a son of Jeopardy brought to her husband for disposal. A mysterious inner call reaches out to her too, and she is driven to seek out the father of the child. Upon the road she meets a forlorn and broken paladin, Dauntless Javelot, who becomes her reluctant protector.

Meeting many strange and mysterious people along the path, as their worlds grow ever more peculiar, these travellers are fated to converge upon one spot: the city of Gallimaufry where, as the Church militia conspire to murder him, Jeopardy will reveal himself for perhaps the last time. But nothing is as it seems and, as their acceptance of reality is challenged continually, none of the company will survive these bizarre days unscathed or unchanged.


Edited by Storm Constantine and Wendy Darling

Cover Art: Ruby
Pages: 372
Genre: Science Fantasy

The androgynous and mysterious Wraeththu have risen to replace humanity upon a ravaged world. Is it inevitable they will forget the mistakes of the past wrought by their human ancestors or will they truly evolve to become the guardian, sentient race this Earth deserves?

Based on the world created by Storm Constantine for her Wraeththu novels, the stories in this collection explore different, intriguing aspects of Wraeththu’s possible future. Whether that is leaving the earthly realm to explore the uncharted reaches of the multiverse via the Otherlanes, raising the ancient lost continents of humanity’s myths and legends, surfing the psychic equivalent of the Internet, coming to terms with their race’s human past, or simply revisiting earlier territory where pain and disappointment might still lurk, Para Imminence offers a vibrant and colourful compendium of visions of the future of harakind.

Para Imminence features an introduction by TV producer/writer Brad Carpenter, who is working on a film script based on the Wraeththu novels, and stories from eleven writers, some of whom are well known within Wraeththu fandom and/or have written Wraeththu Mythos novels published by Immanion Press.

Featuring stories by: Storm Constantine, Wendy Darling, Martina Bellovicová, Andy Bigwood, Victoria Copus, Suzanne Gabriel, Fiona Lane, Maria J Leel, Martina Luise Pachali, Daniela Ritter and E S Wynn.




Larisa Hunter

November 2012
Price: £11.99 $20.99
Pages: 272
Catalogue Number: MB0158
ISBN: 978-1-905713-81-3
Editor: jaymi elford/Taylor Ellwood
Copy Editor: Megan Besner
Cover Artist: Storm Constantine
Interior Layout: Taylor Ellwood/Storm Constantine

“For me, ‘living heathen’ is not just a buzz phrase: it is me. I embrace what I am; I feel heathenry in my bones. It is my core, my soul; it is an extension of me. I am a living, out of the closet, heathen. I do not hide myself from the community”.
Larisa Hunter

Heathen is an umbrella term for a person who follows the belief system associated with Northern Europe, the gods and goddesses of which include Odin, Thor, Freyja and Frigga. Heathenry has many subtle permutations and can mean different things to those who regard themselves as heathen.

Embracing Heathenry explores how one defines heathenry and how one becomes heathen. The book details the personal account of the author’s journey, along with an exploration of the various roads one wanders in the discovery of one’s faith. The book explores how heathens feel about various paths, including articles and poems that reach to the core of what heathens believe. Embracing Heathenry will provide the reader with an unprecedented look at heathen concepts as well as the love, passion and faith that is rarely seen by the public.


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