Hoping for a Miracle


I can say that this week I really for the first time realised that in spell casting and prayers, regardless of religious choice, in essence we are all hoping for miracles to happen.

When we do these things it is because we are searching for something to happen within our lives. No matter how big or small we would like the outcome to be we create a spell or pray to a deity, guardian or our ancestors because we have got to a point where we realise we cannot reach this outcome on our own.

We acknowledge that there is something outside of ourselves, something unseen, we admit that we need help and we hope to receive it from this source. We cannot necessarily see how we are going to achieve our desires but we hope and pray to receive them. We are looking to receive a miracle.

It might seem to be a rather strange way of looking at it but when I thought about it, I really liked the idea of seeing something that manifests as a miracle, no matter how small or big it might be. When a look at what I have wished for in this light, it makes me feel even more grateful for having received it.

Gratitude is a powerful and driving force and having it in my life is something I can really cherish. It helps to mould and change how I see my world and on a bad day a little gratitude can go a long way.

If you feel that you are having a particularly bad day, look at the little miracles you have in your life already. You will find that it naturally evokes the feeling of gratitude. Let that emotion fill you and you will begin to feel a change within yourself.

The word “miracle” alone can stir up such strong emotions and it is this energy charge that can help us to manifest something in our lives. This energy is there for us to use so why not take full advantage of it.

If things are beginning to feel a little tough then remember there is nothing wrong with hoping for a miracle, you are not alone in this life and anything is possible.

First published: 01 March 2012 ~ http://ggclothing.blogspot.com/


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  1. Christopher Blackwell says:

    In the worst day, there are still small good things to look for. Sometimes good is not as bad as you were afraid it was going to be. If a bad cup of coffee can start the day off badly, should not a good cup of coffee start the day off famously. Even in the midst of ugliness beauty still may manage to survive, so seek it out. People can show unexpected kindness and honesty, don’t miss any of it. Meanwhile you can inject goodness into any day, do something good simply because you can and are capable of it. It need not be expensive, but it might change the way the day was going for someone else, even a smile can be a miracle to someone. Doing good that is not required is often fun, create a pleasant surprise for someone each day.

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