Hiding from the neighbours



In today’s society one would dare to hope for some level of acceptance and intelligence that I am sorry to say, doesn’t exist. Barberton, Mpumalanga is today, just as any other day a peaceful, beautiful little town with a rich history dating back many years. The community seems accepting and accommodating to most that visit or just pass through. This however changed drastically for a member of this community, due to suspicions, jealousy and plain ignorance.

Living in her little house with 2 children and elderly mother, trying very hard to survive and get buy, she was recently phoned at work to say the electricity went off and nothing is working. Getting home she found that most of her neighbors also had no electricity and it was reported to the municipality. Soon the problem was fixed and all went well, but that was only to last a while.

Late one evening she woke to screams from neighbors that the houses were alight. They vacated their house just like everyone else and stood watching how a house burned to the ground. After assisting the victims of the fire they went to sleep, not knowing what the next day held. Little did they know that the same people they assisted turned around during the night and started accusing them as being the cause of the fire. You see her mother has been helping people around and they believed she was a witch.

True to their nature people started spreading the rumor and soon they were the outcasts of the community. A community gathering was held to discuss the way forward and they were left to hide in friends’ houses as they were too afraid to return home.

Although the municipality reported that the house burned down due to an illegal cable supplying the house of electricity, the community would not have it as a reason.

The most recent decision was that the “Chief” of the area would be holding council to determine if this was due to witchcraft of an illegal electricity connection. His decision would be final and what happens next would be in his hands.

Crazy, but true!!!







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