Happiness and healing, depression and destruction – parallel universes


Happiness is a state of mind! Try to say this to someone seated cross-legged in the deep dark pit of melancholy, the home to the low spirits and drinking brandy with the gods of despair… It does nothing more than threaten the easy escape from this darkness and so the low spirits pull you down, tie you up and serve you misery on a silver platter. Here you are ‘content’, your world a gloomy place, everyone hating and discriminating against poor little old you… your legs are too weak to walk; your eyes refuse to see beyond the pit, your face the mask of sorrow, and you want nothing more than to crawl into a small ball and weep… weep till you fall to sleep… escapism!

The Screaming Inside

Escapism, comes in many forms, funnily enough most of the escapes we choose are merely chunks chewed off from our depressions pit walls, i.e. drugs; sex; alcohol; control; anger… oh, the list could go on and on, and so does the cycle, and we inadvertently stay in the pit. The real thing we are trying to escape from is ourselves. The pit of depression is us. We make it, therefore we are it. Yes, thoughts do become things. We do create our universe. Everything that we are faced with, everything that surrounds us, is us!

As difficult as it sounds I speak from so many experiences that only until I had crawled into every pit of disaster did I become bored and dissatisfied with the same outcome, over and over again, and so the only difference I found was… happiness. To be happy means something different to each person, happiness is not something found in a book, or this article, or another being, its incantation is written in your soul. As I am writing this article, I remember to my younger days, how when reading something like this, made me angry and skeptical, it would cause me to dive deeper into my pit of darkness. I mean after all happiness only happens to those wealthy people who have everything easy, who have never suffered a day in their lives… not to someone like me… ah, how I was best friends with my ball and chain, in fact I voluntarily chained myself to my dark world.

Let me paint you a better picture… Take a second and look at the world you sit in right now, wherever you are; now how does it look? To someone depressed the exact same world you see is dark and disgusting, its filled with monsters and paranoia, every piece of music or food, anything turns to grey. Depression is like walking into a parallel universe and voluntarily tying yourself up there and shutting the door to your return. Silly? Not at all, most of the people who write about depression and happiness, do so from textbook experience, or they forget to use our lingo and equate their experience to the individual, so reading their books takes us on journeys that lead to their happiness and this does not help as much as if we could use all that energy in finding our own doorway to the ‘happy universe’. This is my perception though, my experience and therefore may not be yours.

Recently, the medical world has diagnosed almost every person I know – including me with ‘bi polar disorder’. There was even a television advertisement on this disorder. Great! So now we have medication to stop mood swings and allow us to numb the feelings of depression.

No, I am not wasting this article on that nonsense. I am just pointing out that 99% of the human race is stuck in a cycle of depression and by boxing us all uniformly cures nothing.

Depression is not a ‘sin’, nor is it an illness or a disorder; it is a voluntary ball and chain. Now, I would agree that it is necessary to venture into the shadow dimensions of our being, but this is only possible once we have a footing on the ‘happy place’.  We are not taught this when we are young and some people like myself only learn once we have bumped our heads a couple of times. So the journey to our happy parallel universe will have to be done either from the pit of darkness or from a bird’s eye view. There are probably many ways of finding our doorway to happiness, I find comfort in speaking from experience and so have given my three main ways of leaving the pits of depression. Before you read further remember… happiness is a state of mind, take charge, use that last little bit of energy holding you to the grimy floor of sorrow, get on your horse and choose to undertake your journey… for that is indefinitely what this is.

Meditation; mantras and affirmations

“Every shadow, no matter how deep is threatened by morning light!”

Touching the Merkaba

All of you have ‘morning light’ within you, your souls are made of light so powerful it is completely blinding to the hells of darkness, and it is up to you to want to find it.


Meditation is brilliant for most things, especially depression. Meditating, and connecting with your inner morning light, asking your light why you are in the state you are in, connecting and basking in that light, not only provides us with valuable answers as to the nature of the depression but also once out of meditation we seem to have different ‘eyes’… the world seems to have changed, don’t believe me? Try this:

Play some quiet music, preferably some water or nature sounds. Seat yourself comfortably; as depression has it, laziness is its best friend, so slouch on the couch if you must. Pray for protection from whomever you pray to. Close your eyes and visualize a yourself enshrouded in your depression, allow it to cover you completely, and then once you feel you can take no more, call out for your souls divine light, do this loudly if you want, scream it… use your words, they will come, believe me and so will your light. Once you see it and no matter its size see it pushing away the darkness, feel it covering you, holding you, protecting you and feel its divine love. (Note this is your true nature, this is you. The depressed darkness is but a journey, a voluntary one.)

Speak with this light, find guidance within it, and speak to your hearts content!

Once you have asked what you needed to, spent time with this divine light, with yourself, gently feel your body again and come back to the room you are in. Thank whomever you prayed to for their protection and smile for you are surrounded in your own divine morning light!

Mantras and Yantras:

Mantra’s work! I was a serious unbeliever; I totally discarded the idea of mantras because my skeptical mind could not see the connection between singing words and climbing out of my depression or anything really. Well, where I sit today I can safely say that a single mantra has helped me conquer my depression and conquer my fear… The mantra I use is a Durga (The Great Hindu Goddess) Mantra: Om Dum Durgayei Namaha. I also printed a few Durga Yantras (This is the symbol that is attributed to various goddesses/gods etc.) to help when I am chanting without doing anything; it has become a ‘ritual’ when I wake up in the morning.

Mantras and Yantras do work immediately but for us to notice the workings takes a little longer. Or maybe this is just I. I cannot go a day now without doing my mantra and honestly, it has only been two weeks using the mantra and Yantras. Now, my mantra may not work for everyone, your mantra’s have to be yours to own, they have to be in union with your divine self. A mantra can actually be anything, English words put together, or mantras such as the one I use from a spiritual movement.


I am sure that we have all heard about ‘the power of affirmations’. I have personally used them in my life many times, but never have I believed them. A little while ago I decided to print almost fifty affirmations of various subjects and paste them everywhere. It really is overwhelming with so many… even one powerful affirmation like ‘I love me.’ Is a good start, or ‘I am perfect and complete, I am in union with my divine self’, really works. Affirmations take a bit of ‘pretending’ at first, I recommend drawing on a fantastic feeling (not the surrounding incident, just the feeling) and pulling this feeling into yourself, every time you read the affirmation feel it within yourself, pretend and act until it becomes natural. The subconscious mind is the most wonderful tool! Important thing to note is that the subconscious mind does not recognize the negative (pun intendedJ). E.g. If we were to say “I am not sad” your subconscious mind reads or hears “I am sad.” So please always write your affirmations in the positive, e.g. “I am happy.”

Consulting Mother Nature:

In our times of loss and darkness, even complete isolation within and without, the greatest bosom to cry on and be shielded in is Our Great Mother Nature’s bosom. Go for a walk amongst trees; in your garden, if you are lucky enough, in the forest or even along the seaside. Go anywhere where you feel in union with Mother Nature. Now, consult Her… She is you and you are her… feel the elements around you, whatever they may be… I find that hugging a tree and telling it how beautiful it is helps immensely. Talking to Devas; nature spirits; sprites… etc. is not crazy, it’s more than awesome. Talking to the whole of Mother Nature is indescribable. She always answers you, She always consoles and teaches and protects you.

One of the most important parts of this exercise is to find union with the entire universe, with Mother Nature. Today, I was actually taking one of these walks and something occurred to me, we are not separate from nature at all there is no difference between the air around our skin and our skin at all, the universe is like an ever-changing kaleidoscope, so we are not separate and moving through the universe, we are the universe and it is simply changing picture like a kaleidoscope… but we are going off topic. Becoming ‘one’ with Mother Nature, consulting Her is the ultimate therapy session. Mother Nature has a tendency to allow your depression; pain; fear; anger etc. to be drowned beneath her roots, the things given in place can only be experienced and are different to each person. Consulting Mother Nature is indeed an undoubtedly instant solution to seeing the light in the very least.

Being Grateful:

How many times have we heard this? Especially when our world is in darkness and the tears are falling from our eyes like rivers of hopelessness… what is there to be grateful for and why? Exercise time… In this space work at looking around, start with the chair or bed you are sitting on, you are grateful for this… then expand, be grateful… thank the universe, completely immerse yourself in this feeling of gratefulness. Go as far as you can, speak with the universe and truly thank the universe/The Goddess/God. Lastly on this point, being alive in itself is the most awesome thing to be grateful for… but you have to see this. Being grateful really is a golden key to feeling better; doing it daily really brings so much happiness. It does… but don’t take my word for it… try it yourself… p.s. feedback is most welcome!

On a final note to this blog, why am I writing it? I have come from almost 15 years of pain; depression and hells I cant even resonate with anymore. No, I did not win the lottery or find a leprechaun; neither did I find a magic book with secrets, or a magical potion, it really started with a decision, a decision to come back to my parallel universe of healing and happiness… yes, I am still sad, yes, I still feel the things I did before but the world is not in the same darkness, this place I am in is well lit and it has become a school of thought and a union of health. I still stumble, still sob my soul out, but the ball and chain is gone, the depression of hell is a forgotten world now, everything is still as it was before, I just have my 3D goggles on now. And things really are so much better.

It does take work though, do not think it doesn’t and the work it takes is the will to change. You must want to change your viewpoint, change your will… Remember you create everything you are, everything you feel and everything you encounter.  Everything!  So leave the darkness behind… come play on this side.

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  1. Gigi says:

    Thank you very much Claire… Blessings to you!!! 🙂

  2. This is perfect, it really makes a point. I am going to share it on facebook.

  3. Gigi says:

    thank you for the wonderful feedback. @Stephen, yes, vanilla has something doesnt it… it puts a smile on my face always!! Blessed Be to you both! 🙂

  4. Stephen says:

    Thanks for another great article, really insightful and well writen… I agree with you, many of us have a dark hole, and end up there way to often, but it is also up to us to pull ourselves out, no one can do this for us and chemicals only dull the sences but dont change the situation…(not knocking drugs… when down it stops the decent and allows me to take stock and turn the situation around), like you i feel meditation is most benificial, i also like my oil burner, theres something aboutvanilla oil that lifts my spirit…

    thank you for sharing

  5. Judith says:

    Thank you for a well written and meaningful article!

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