Gourmet Fillo Veggie Baskets


Nastassja Stander


And so we have reached December, hot South African days, the daily grind of work, counting down to December holidays… This made me think that as South Africans we traditionally like to have roasted veggies with our main meals right? But on hot December days this is not very practical… and one can only have that many salads… Therefore, I have been inspired by the Gourmet fairy this week to make an interesting twist to the traditional roasted veggies… I like to call it my Fillo Veggie baskets… It is easy and fun to make as well as vegan and vegetarian friendly! (No egg or milk products) You can add your own interesting twists like bacon for the carnivores or nuts for those who don’t want meat! So go have fun and enjoy this week’s light meal! Merry cooking!


Fillo Veggie Baskets



3 x FIllo Pastry Sheets

500g Mixed roast veggies (Preferably Butternut, Baby Marrows, Sweet Potato and Carrots)

2 x Medium Onions

2 x Peppers (Preferably Red and Yellow Peppers as these add to the sweet element)

Balsamic Vinegar to taste



Garlic and herb seasoning

Olive or canola oil

3 Table spoons butter or margarine


Oven Pan

Aluminium Foil

Muffin Pans

Preparation Method:

  • Start by roasting your vegetables.
  • Put mixed roast veggies into an oven pan, Chop onions into large pieces so it roasts nicely (Cut it into approx 8 pieces) Add to mixed veggies.
  • Dribble Oil over vegetables (Do not add too much, veggies require 3-4 table spoons)
  • Add salt, Pepper and garlic and herb spice to taste
  • Cover oven pan and veggies with aluminium foil and roast for 20 minutes in a hot oven ( 230°C)
  • While the veggies are roasting you can start making the Fillo Baskets
  • Take 3 x Sheets of fillo pastry (you can keep them on top of each other as they are very fragile and cut easier together)
  • Melt the butter or margarine in the microwave
  • Take the brush and brush over the top sheet of fillo pastry.
  • Take a very sharp knife and cut pastry into squares, the size will depend on the size of your muffin pans, if you have the regular size with 12 muffin holders, cut sheet into 12 squares. (Approx 10cm x 10cm)
  • Now gently lift the first square and place into muffin holder so the corners stick out, Brush the second square (The one below it) with butter and place over the first sheet so the edges also stick out, Repeat the process and brush the third sheet with butter and place into muffin holder.
  • Each muffin holder needs 3 squares of fillo to make an adequate basket.
  • Ensure that you cover each sheet with butter or margarine and press gently into muffin holders.
  • Once your veggies are done, set your oven temperature to 180°C and place your muffin pan with fillo baskets into the oven to bake till crispy for approx 3-5 minutes.
  • Now take your red and yellow peppers and cut them into strips, you can make them about 2cm thick or even thicker depending on your taste.
  • Grill your peppers on a hot pan stirring them so they don’t burn for approx 5- 10 minutes.


  • Take approx 3 table spoons of balsamic vinegar and toss into veggies
  • Gently remove baskets from pan; you can easily lift them out as they should be loose if crispy.
  • Add table spoons of vegetables to baskets until they are generously filled
  • Place roasted peppers on top


These baskets can be taken in the hand and eaten as finger food or can be added as a side dish to a main meal! Eat and enjoy!


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