Feathers ruffled and progress made

The concept of being suppressed in South Africa and trying to break free from our suppressors is far from a new one.

South Africans in general have been fighting for their rights for decades and as a result the current generation has been instilled with the idea that if you believe in something and others try to suppress you, then you must shout and make your voice heard.

That is what a lot of people do, they SHOUT! Loud and clear, making sure as many people as possible can hear their voices. With all this noise, the shouting and arms waving about, we forget to embrace and support our fellow man. Instead everyone wants to go in their own direction.

"We must remember that one determined person can make a significant difference, and that a small group of determined people can change the course of history." - Sonia Johnson

Amongst all this chaos we tend to find a small handful of Change Makers. The few that will look at this noisy mess and then question, “okay so this is that, but what can we do about it?” and one of the toughest tasks for someone who makes changes to better the lives of many is to bring a community together.

So how do these Change Makers bring together communities? They can’t just shout, their voices will no doubt simply get lost in the clamour.

One action.

This is all that is needed, one action in the name of progress, one small step and one small positive success on behalf of all. I say success because if an action does not heed results then society won’t be still and lift their heads up in curiosity.

This is how only a hand full of individuals end up making the biggest difference.

Something else that is necessary is to dig out the weeds from the rose garden. There are a few who claim that they are making a difference but are really exploiting the population as a whole. They are all bark and no bite and often claim to be something they are not.

There are also those few with good intentions, they rally the troops and get support from those around them BUT then nothing happens. They never take that action and most of the time they don’t intend for it to happen that way. They did want to make a difference but something stopped them, perhaps the fear of having a clearer voice than those around them, or a fear of failure, who knows but those good intentions never yield the fruits of success.

In order for real change to happen we all need to quieten down and come together. One step forward, one small action by many on behalf of all will make a big difference.

I am calling on the Pagan Community, as a whole to see the actions being taken by those around you and embrace the Change Makers and support them so that we can all share in our successes and work on bettering our community, even if we have different beliefs or lifestyles.

When we work as one we yield more Power than when we work as many individuals.


This article was originally published on September 09, 2011

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