Exposing the Lies – Inside Servamus’ ‘Drugs & Occult-Related Crime’ Part 2.

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Each week in the Exposing the Lies series an article from Servamus’ Drugs and Occult-Related Crime: The Facts, The Answers will be dissected and shown for the religious propaganda that it is. This week we look at an article that shows the reader alleged ‘warning signs’ of Satanic involvement.

Breaking the Circle

The article opens with the claim that:

“Family time is most of the time non-existent or non-effective. Psychologists say that of the nine minutes a day that a parent has interactions with a child, six are negative: What are you doing…why didn’t you…keep quiet! etc.”

The above statement is based on an article by Christian life coach, Brian Osher; who is not a certified or registered psychologist or mental health practitioner. In turn, Osher’s source for this information is not credible scientific study or research but is based on a survey done by marketing company Nielsen. This is not credible or even remotely true information.

The opening paragraph then goes on to make the claim that:

Breakdown in communication damages family structure and could cause feelings of insecurity and rejection among children. Children are often left to make up their own minds about ‘right’ and ‘wrong’, which leaves them even more confused. Some children look for attention, acceptance and love somewhere else.”

According to registered Pretoria counselor Amanda Rykaart, this “is a very broad, sweeping statement”. She goes on to explain that, while not totally wrong, it is too generalized. She says, “Millions of children grow up with this background and become fully-functional productive adults,” and that this cannot be seen as an “indicator or precursor of Satanism.” Furthermore, children affected by such a background are more likely to turn to coping mechanisms like withdrawal, isolation, drugs, alcohol, gangsterism and while definitely vulnerable, only a small minority may experiment with casual Satanism also known as ‘legend tripping’).

In short, the opening paragraph of Breaking the Circle is not based on credible research or professional opinion and is therefore unrelated to the topic of alleged ‘Satanism’.

Alleged Warning Signs of Satanic Involvement

Also listed on FH Havenga’s Aserac website, and widely quoted in the media is the list of supposed ‘warning signs’ of occult or Satanic involvement. This list is irresponsible in its inclusion of what could be interpreted as (or actually are) medical conditions, indicators of psychological disorders or typical teenage behavior.

First on the list is: “An obsession with seemingly innocent ‘games’, eg Ouija board, glassy-glassy, crystal gazing etc.” Obsession can be defined as having an unhealthy preoccupation with something, and is applied in instances where the focus of an obsession impairs the functioning of day-to-day life. It should also be stated that divination forms do not form a mandated part of religious Satanic practices. If an individual had reached a point where they could not make normal daily decisions without the use of divination, they would need a psychiatrist and not a minister- it would not be a ‘sign’ of involvement with supposed devious ‘Satanic practices’.

Next on the list is: “Intense interest in studying or dabbling in mysticism, ESP and spirit channeling.” Much as before, an interest in studying or casually learning about occult practices that are not a mandated part of Satanic religious practices or beliefs does not constitute involvement in alleged sinister ‘Satanism’; which is only casually practiced by rebellious teenagers experimenting with the very myths alleged ‘occult experts’ perpetuate.

Furthermore, ‘mysticism’ can cover any world religion, including Christianity and one could go so far to say that Charismatic Christian churches where participants ‘speak in tongues’ and are taken over by the Holy Spirit, are a form of spirit channeling. ESP is considered a paranormal psychic phenomenon, and the study of ESP is not mandated in any Satanic religious practices or beliefs.

Intense interest in heavy metal music,” is listed as the third ‘symptom’ of Satanic involvement. This is base satanic panic fodder and one’s personal musical preferences are no indication of religious beliefs. It also begs the question of what happens in the instance of Christian metal?

Fourth on the list is: “Possession of specific Satanic-related items, which may include knives, small pots, cauldrons, special salts or herbs, animal parts, bones, black candles, amulets, talismans and charms.”

The problem with this statement is that the objects listed are not specific to Satanism. In normal Satanic religious rituals a dagger, sword or knife is used to trace sigils in the air or ground for invocations. However, a ritual knife- commonly called an athame– is also used in many Pagan traditions for similar purposes. Again, while the ‘small pots’ listed in the article is vague, the use of small fire-proof containers is evident in Satanic religious practices and Pagan religious practices alike. There is no evidence to suggest that cauldrons form a mandated part of Satanic religious practices either, however they are a ritual tool in many Pagan traditions.

Equally vague in this alleged ‘symptom’ are the special salts or herbs, animal parts, and bones. In my personal opinion I believe this is an instance where Traditional African Medicine (Muti) has been confused with Satanic practices.

In both normal Satanic and Pagan religious practices candles do form a part of ritual, however black candles are not used exclusively. Furthermore, to quote Theistic Satanist James L. Nicholson III:

“The color black, is typically associated with strength, protection and the dark energy of the Black Flame, but not evil. Using black candles is one way to bring more power into your workings, but it is not the only powerful color you can use.”

It should also be noted that amulets, talismans and charms can be found in numerous world religions, including Christianity; one only has to look at Catholicism to see this. There is also no description of what these trinkets should look like if they are to be ‘Satanic’, leaving virtually any small trinket open to being labeled a ‘Satanic’ charm, amulet or talisman.

Severe mood swings, a drop in school marks, intense introspection, depression, sleep disturbances, frequent nightmares, paranoia or excessive fear/anxiety,” are the next set of supposed indications of ‘Satanic involvement’. Yet again, this is standard satanic panic fare and these symptoms are often incorrectly believed to be indications of satanic ritual abuse. These symptoms are indicative of psychological disturbances and would require the aid of a registered psychologist!

The next listed sign is, “Inappropriate sexual tendencies or fantasies.” Just as with the previous sign, this may be indicative of a psychological disorder and not alleged Satanic involvement. It is also vague and open to individual interpretation, especially harmful when considering the many sexual taboos in conservative Christianity.

Following this is the, “Possession of or intense interest in occult and books on magic like The Satanic Bible, the works of Aleister Crowly (sic). Many Satanists have a Book of Shadows, a self-designed, secret diary of their activities and ideas. It will, without exception, be in a peculiar code.”

Another ‘sign’ that shows the ineptitude of those who claim to be ‘occult experts’. Possession of Occult literature does not make one a Satanist in the same way owning a Bible does not automatically make one a Christian. It should also be noted that, unlike Kobus Jonker claims, Satanism is not ‘the occult’ and vice versa.

Additionally, the Book of Shadows is considered to be a part of many Pagan traditions, most notably Witchcraft and Wicca. It is a collection of an individual Pagan practitioner’s or a group’s beliefs, ethics and also includes literature on religious holidays (Sabbats), mythology, important correspondences etc. A practicing Satanist may have a journal where they chronicle magickal workings and spiritual experiences, but it is not “without exception” in a “peculiar code” (and the same can be said of a Pagan’s Book of Shadows).

Breaking the Circle then claims that, “Involvement with friends that wear black, greet each other with the Satanic salute and visit alternative clubs regularly” is another sign of someone being involved in Satanism. This point then goes on to add that, “They communicate with one another in code, eg by writing or talking some intelligible jargon,” and that, “Rejection of the normal friend circle, being secretive about new friends, and organising/involvement in secret meetings,” are also symptomatic of Satanic involvement.

This sign is, once again, standard satanic panic fodder based on Christian misinterpretations of Goth sub-cultures and links back to the idea of heavy metal being ‘Satanic’. There is no basis to this claim and it is totally false.

–        “A sudden or rapid change in attitudes towards authorities. A rebellious, sullen spirit towards parents.

–        Secretive and withdrawn. Some places of the child’s room are locked and out of reach of parents, brothers and sisters.”

The above signs, as listed in Breaking the Circle, could be considered typical teenage behavior, or at the very least indicative of psychological issues- they are not signs of supposed ‘Satanic involvement’.

–        “Lack of empathy towards others the hurt of others, be it people or animals in distress.

–        Suicidal tendencies and self-destructive behavior.

–        Drastic personality changes. (From a perfectionist to a room where you can find the wardrobe on the floor.)

–        Use of illegal drugs of any kind; alcohol abuse

–        Evidence of cruelty to animals.

–        A philosophy or attitude that shows a reversal of norm, eg bad is good and good is bad.

–        Self mutilation, including cutting oneself or marking with tattoos.

–        Obsessive preoccupation with death and gruesome and bizarre methods of dying.

The inclusion of the above collection of ‘Satanic involvement’ signs is most troubling. If anything, these ‘signs’ are indications of psychological issues that would warrant counseling by a qualified and registered counselor or therapist. If a misinformed parent took this list of supposed ‘signs’ as truth and acted on this article’s ‘information’ by taking their child or teenager to a minister, it could possibly cause a child or teenager more harm than good. This list is wholly irresponsible and reckless!

An, “Animosity towards Christianity, the church and Jesus Christ,” and further elaborated as a, “Resistance and hate towards God and religious leaders,” is further listed. There are many people who display an ‘animosity’ towards Christianity, its beliefs and organizations, foremost are some atheists. Again this ‘sign’ is not indicative of anything but a waning faith in the Christian religion. Regardless what Christians may think, their religion isn’t for everyone no matter how hard some of them evangelize, and a rejection of Christianity is not automatically make one a Satanist.

The use of Satanic nicknames that can be traced to the Middle Ages,” is yet another confused statement in Breaking the Circle. The use of magickal or craft names is common in Pagan traditions; but the practice of taking on a new name when converting to a religion is common in numerous world religions including Islam and Christianity to name a few. What should be made clear is that these are not just ‘nicknames’, but names that show a new devotee’s commitment to their beliefs and the name almost always has deep spiritual significance. It should also be stated that these names cannot be ‘traced to the Middle Ages’.

Just as disturbing as the symptoms of possible psychological disorders listed in Breaking the Circle is the following ‘sign’: “Unusual body movements, such as twitching, tics, rocking, glazed eyes, head banging, moaning or groaning and chanting.” This is yet another totally irresponsible inclusion- any one of these supposed symptoms are likely indicators of neurological disorders and are deserving of immediate medical attention and not salvation through Jesus as is suggested at the end of the article!

And in the same medical vein is the inclusion of, “Different sexually transmitted diseases,” as an alleged ‘sign’ of Satanic involvement. Again, this is an irresponsible inclusion. Sexually transmitted diseases are in no way a ‘sign’ that one’s child or teenager is practicing Satanism, but it is a sign that they are having unprotected sex.

Again, playing into the Christian belief that the Goth sub-culture is synonymous with Satanism are the following ‘signs’:

–        “Desire to paint room black.

–        Black clothing, when worn almost exclusively or when combined with the wearing of jewellery, buttons or paraphernalia with occult symbols or names of heavy metal groups. A child who is recruited by a Satanist covens (sic), will without exception receive jewellery from the high priest and be told to always wear it.

–        Fascination or obsession with horror books and/or occult movies.

Wearing black clothing, liking the colour black and reading horror books does not make one a Satanist. Furthermore, the claim that a child recruited by a Satanic ‘coven’ will ‘without exception’ receive jewellery is completely false. Also to be noted; modern day Satanists are organized into grottos, pylons and temples- Pagans in Wiccan and Witchcraft traditions are organized into covens.

The only alleged ‘sign’ in Breaking the Circle that might be indicative of a child or teenager having an interest in Satanism or Occult philosophies is: “Writing poems and letters about Satanism or with occult sign pictures and occult symbols (upside down crosses, pentagram, 666).”

However the latter part of this sign is where the wheels, once again, fall off: “Secret messages: full sheets of paper with everything written backwards. Look at your child’s schoolwork and books, especially at the art projects the child did at school.” Supposed ‘secret messages’ are not a sign of Satanic involvement.


The Satanic Calendar

Breaking the Circle then moves on to a section titled Signs and Symbols which offers to ‘educate’ the reader on the Satanic Calendar and symbols supposedly used by Satanists. This section opens with:

Covens meet monthly (Esbat) at full moon and on their eight Sabbaths (High days). The following dates are regarded as high points of Satanist activity. This is an abridged version of the Satanic calendar. Dates may be changed from time to time. The beginning of each season also plays a role. Most of the time this calendar is used in the Northern as well as the Southern Hemisphere.”

It is Pagan, specifically Wiccan based covens, that meet monthly for an Esbat celebration at the full moon- the terminology ‘Esbat’ is specifically Wiccan (Pagan) and not Satanist. Again, it is the Pagan, specifically Wiccan tradition, which has eight Sabbats in their religious calendar and not Satanists. The inclusion of this amounts to religious discrimination, especially when considering that public relations work has been done by the Pagan community with Kobus Jonker regarding Pagan beliefs and practices.

The alleged Satanic Calendar as listed in Breaking the Circle cites the following ‘high days’:


7 St Winebald Day. Blood rituals. Dismemberment. Animal/human sacrifice.

17 Satanic revels. Sexual rituals.

20-26 Sacrifice preparation: kidnapping, holding and ceremonial preparation of person for human sacrifice.

26 The Da Muer ritual. Grand climax. Sex rituals and human sacrifice of woman/child.


2 Candlemas. Mass initiation of new members and animal or human sacrifice.


1 St Eichatadt Day. Blood ritual, involving the drinking of human blood for strength and homage/honors to demons.

20 Vernal/Spring equinox. A feast day involving orgies and animal or human sacrifices.

24 Feast of the Beast. A 16-year-old becomes the bride of Satan in a marriage ceremony.


Easter weekend: Black Mass/Black Sabbath. To mock the death of Jesus Christ, a man is sacrificed on Good Friday. On Easter Sunday, known to Satanists as Unholy Sunday, a woman or man is sacrificed, followed by three days of fasting and chanting.

19-25 Sacrifice preparation: kidnapping, holding and ceremonial preparation of person for human sacrifice.

25 The Da Muer ritual. Grand Climax. Sex rituals and sacrifice of a woman or a young girl.

30 Walpurgis Night/Beltane. One of the most important nights on the Satanic calendar. Blood rituals and human sacrifice take place.


24 Ascension day. Rituals to mock the ascension of Jesus Christ into heaven.


17 Corpus Christi- Feast to mock the body and blood of Jesus Christ

21 St Johns Eve. Feast day with orgies and animal or human sacrifice.


1 Demon Revels. Blood Rituals and sexual relations with demons.

20-27 Sacrifice preparation: kidnapping, holding and ceremonial preparation of person for human sacrifice.

27 Climax. Sex rituals and sacrifice of a woman


1 Lammas Day. Animal or human sacrifice

3 Satanic revels. Sexual ritual.


20 Autumnal Equinox. Midnight Host. Blood ritual. Dismemberment of corpses: hands removed for Hand of Glory rituals. Cannibalism usually occurs.

23 Feast day and sexual orgies, with human sacrifice.


22-29 Sacrifice preparation: kidnapping, holding and ceremonial preparation of person for human sacrifice.

28-30 Satanist High Unholy Days. Related to Halloween. Human sacrifices.

31 All Hallows Eve (Halloween). One of the two most important nights of the year. Attempts are made to break the bond which is keeping the doors to the underworld closed. Blood and sexual rituals. Sexual association with demons. Animal and human sacrifices- male or female.


1-3 High Unholy Days. Related to Halloween. Human sacrifices.


22 Summer solstice. Animal and human sacrifices are made.

24 Demon revels. Male or female sacrifice.

25 Yuletide. Celebration of the birth of the sun as a young babe to the great goddess.”

What is most important to point out, is that in modern Satanic religious practices there is no ritual sacrifice involving the killing of animals or humans. Any such claims are not only against Satanic religious principles and philosophies, but are completely false and have their roots in the myths of satanic ritual abuse- myths which have been debunked by a 1992 FBI investigation. To quote The Satanic Bible, “Satanism respects and exalts life. Children and animals are the purest expressions of that life force, and as such are held sacred and precious”.

There are only three holidays that Anton Le Vay mentioned in The Satanic Bible: the practitioner’s own birthday, Walpurgisnacht and Halloween. One’s birthday is the most important holiday as it is the birthdate of one’s own god. Walpurgisnacht is traditionally a European spring festival falling on either 30 April or 1 May. Anton Le Vay adopted this holiday to mark the formation of The Church of Satan in 1966, and the holiday is commonly celebrated with private parties or group rituals. And according to Wikipedia, “Halloween is a popular date for both private and group ritual ceremonies, but also a popular date for Satanists to hold private parties for no other purpose than to enjoy the dark fun that is commonly celebrated on that date by the public at large. If anything, Satanists seem to take a sense of irony and humor in the holiday.”

Anton Le Vay also made mention of the seasonal equinoxes and solstices as lesser holidays in The Satanic Bible; although no outline is given to how they are celebrated and they are simply called by their standard term (eg, spring equinox, winter solstice etc).

Numerous investigations have been conducted on the sources of information- satanic ritual abuse books- for this alleged calendar. All those investigations have debunked the dates given in pro-SRA media as being nothing more than a hoax, whether they were misappropriated from Roman Catholic or Wiccan calendars or simply invented.

As for the ‘Black Mass’, according to Anton Le Vay it is not used by modern day Satanists and is most certainly not what Christian fundamentalists paint it to be.

The final ‘warning sign’ listed in Breaking the Circle is that a child or teenager involved in Satanism will display “strange behavior on Satanic and occult holidays”. When taking into consideration that this calendar claims to be the abridged version, one has to wonder if a child or teenager is left with a day in the year to be outside of rigid fundamentalist Christian norms.

One is also left wondering not only how any Satanist of the article’s standards holds down a day job with such a rigorous calendar, but how they are not suspected of being a serial murderer; not to mention how it is possible to have and celebrate the occurrence of both the winter and summer solstices in December. In short, this calendar is nothing but offensive in its ignorance and blatant lies.

But the lies do not stop there. Following the alleged ‘Satanic Calendar’ is a list of the eight Sabbaths of Satanists.

Eight Sabbaths

(For discipline, fertility, mocking of Christianity)

 Feb 2  Candlemass

Apr (varies)  Good Friday

Apr 30  May night/ Maypole dance

May 1  Beltane (May Day)

Jun 21  St John’s Eve

Aug 1  Lammas

Oct 31  Halloween

Des 1  St Thomas day

This list is totally false- none of these holidays are celebrated by Satanists. However, half of them are celebrated by numerous Pagan traditions, albeit those in the Northern Hemisphere on those specific dates. This only goes to show that the author of this article could either not be bothered to do credible research, or that she chooses to buy into the satanic panic lie.

The section of important Satanic dates is finished with a short list of ‘Satanic’ colour symbolism.

The following colours have specific meaning for Satanists:

Black: Darkness, night, evil, devil, sorrow.

Blue: Vigilance, water, tears, sadness, pornography.

Green: Vegetation, nature, soothing, restful.

Red: Blood, physical life, energy.

White: Cleanliness, purity, innocence.

Yellow: Perfection, wealth, glory, power”

It should be stated that ‘pornography’ does not form a part of Satanic religious practices and therefore the colour blue is not associated with pornography; nor is there any such colour correspondence to pornography in any occult texts and the colour blue in not associated with any of its other supposed correspondences. The idea that the colour black symbolizes evil is a very common misconception born of the period of Satanic Panic. Within Satanism black is seen as being symbolic of strength, protection and untapped potential.


Supposed Satanic Symbols and Signs

What follows next in Breaking the Circle is a page dedicated to interpretations of supposed Satanic symbols. First on the list is the triangle, which the article claims is used in “coven meetings” to mark the place where a demon will appear. Again, a Satanic group is called a temple, grotto or pylon; the term ‘coven’ is given to a group of Wiccan or Witchcraft practitioners- it is not used in Satanism.

A triangle is used in ceremonial magic as part of ‘The Triangle of Solomon’ for spirit conjuration, both for angelic and demonic spirits, and is generally placed outside of the magic circle. It is also a much more complicated design than a simple triangle shape. The triangle of ceremonial magic is not used in religious Satanic practices, and as such, is not a Satanic symbol.

Breaking the Circle claims that the anarchy symbol of an ‘A’ in a circle is used in Satanism as it represents “the overthrow of all laws, natural and man-made”. Simply put, the popular anarchy symbol is not employed in Satanism and this statement is false.

There seems to be some confusion in the next statement, which only further goes to show that the source of this information is anything but an ‘expert’ on the occult.

“Many Satanist symbols, such as the pentagram, are enclosed by a circle. It symbolizes eternity as it has no beginning and no end. The circle is also used for protection; demonic power is supposedly kept within the circle and danger outside it. When used in Satanic rituals, it is normally nine feet in diameter.”

While yes, a circle symbolizes eternity, it is not just ‘Satanist’ symbols that incorporate a circle. The confusion comes in with the graphic symbol of a circle, and the use of a magical circle in Pagan, Satanist and ceremonial magic practices. The latter is used indeed for protection and is seen as an energy based barrier that keeps unwanted influences out during workings. However, it is commonly in Pagan practices that the magic circle is ‘nine feet in diameter’ in solitary rituals.

The next image on the list is of a pentagram, but the accompanying text names it as a ‘Pentacle’ and states that it is, “A pentagram without an enclosing circle. Drawings or symbols representing gods of the underworld are often inscribed with it.” In general terms, a pentacle is a pentagram enclosed within a circle and it is the symbol of faith for Wiccans and other Neo-Pagan religions.

This is followed by what the author alleges is a pentagram, but what is commonly identified as a pentacle- a star made of five lines enclosed in a circle. According to the article:

Pentagram (black magic) and pentagon (white magic) are used. The top point represents the spirit and the other points represent wind, fire, water and earth. The five points also symbolize the five means: religion, occultism, finances, politics and sex by which the four principalities (Appolyon, Abbaddon, Belial and The Beast) control the world.”

It goes without saying that a pentagon is a mathematical shape and that only. It is not used in supposed ‘white magic’ just as a pentagram is not used in what the author calls ‘black magic’- polarities in magickal practices exist only in the Christian mind which is naturally predisposed to seeing the world in terms of black versus white, good versus evil.

As for the four principalities, not only are the spellings incorrect but the idea of these four principalities, as in the article, exists solely within Satanic Panic myths. Apollyon is the Greek name of the Herbew Abaddon and exists only within Christian and Judaic mythology- they are the same entity and not separate entities as the article claims. Belial is a Hebrew term that means ‘worthless’ and later became a demon within Christian mythology. The only statement that has a grain of truth is that the pentagram shape is used as a representation of the five elements; however what is termed wind should actually be ‘air’.

According to Breaking the Circle the inverted pentagram “is Satanic in nature and represents the goat’s head”. While an inverted pentagram is used within Satanism it does not automatically make it ‘Satanic in nature’ and it can also be found in some Pagan practices.

The infamous ‘witchgram’ as it has recently been called by Kobus Jonker, or hexagram to those with actual occult knowledge, is next on the list. In Breaking the Circle it is claimed to be “one of the most powerful symbols in the Satanic or occult world”. In occult practices a hexagram is known as the ‘Seal of Solomon’, but it is not a symbol that features in modern Satanic practices. However a hexagram, or Star of David, is one of the most prominent symbols of Judaism and is used in Christianity where it is called the Star of Creation.

A favorite amongst those who attempt to keep Satanic Panic myths alive, the ‘Cross of Nero’ or peace sign is claimed to represent “a denial of Christianity and symbolizes the breaking off from the Christian church that every Satanist undergoes when initiated.” The peace sign is not an ‘old symbol’ as the article claims. It was designed in 1958 and became a sign of support for the campaign for unilateral nuclear disarmament by Britain. The peace sign was later adopted in America as a sign of the anti-war movement. It is not a religious symbol and the term Cross of Nero in relation to the peace sign exists solely within Satanic Panic myths.

Another symbol that exists only within the myths and propaganda of Satanic Panic is the supposed ‘Satanic S’. According to the article it represents “Lucifer falling like a lightning bolt from the sky”. Again, this is a symbol that is not used in Satanism.

Breaking the Circle then goes on to claim that the Egyptian symbol of the ankh is used as a ‘sex symbol’ in Satanism. Again, this is another nonsensical statement devoid of truth- the ankh is not used in modern Satanic religious practices.

It is then claimed that the symbol for infinity, found in mathematics and physics, is a ‘Satanic’ symbol that “signifies the belief that Lucifer will reign forever.” Again, it is not a ‘Satanic symbol’ and it does not feature as a religious symbol in any world religion.

In the article it is also claimed that a symbol referred to as the ‘Third Eye’ is a Satanic symbol. What is pictured is an image of The All-Seeing Eye, which as with the majority of the symbols featured in the article, is not a Satanic symbol. The idea that it is a Satanic symbol was born out of foolish illuminati conspiracy theories. The reality is that the all-seeing eye (or Eye of Providence) represents the eye of God watching over humankind, with the triangle representing the Holy Christian Trinity. It was a symbol of Christianity in the Middle Ages and Renaissance periods and its name in the article has been confused with Eastern beliefs in chakras.

Yet another alleged ‘Satanic symbol’ is that of the scarab beetle, which according to Breaking the Circle, is associated with Beelzebub. One has to ask the question why what is regarded as an Ancient Egyptian solar symbol and is a beetle, is associated with a Christian mythical figure often referred to as ‘Lord of the Flies’. Again, the symbol of the scarab is not a Satanic symbol.

The ‘Black Goat’ symbol, or the ‘Sigil of Baphomet’, is probably one of the few symbols on this list that is undoubtedly used in Satanism and is a registered trademark of The Church of Satan. Another symbol on the list is the alchemy symbol for brimstone, known as the element of sulfur, which has long being associated with Satan and hell by the Christian church. According to religioustolerance.org, Le Vey may have used this symbol (which appears above the Nine Satanic Statements in The Satanic Bible) “as a humorous gesture to poke fun at Christianity”.

And while it is widely claimed that the inverted cross is a Satanic symbol, as it does in Breaking the Circle, it is actually a Christian symbol found in Catholicism. The inverted cross represents the crucifixion of St Peter and while is still a symbol of the Papacy, it has been attributed to Satanism by early 20th century Christian writers as being a blasphemy of Christ; which in turn has been unofficially adopted by some Satanists to show their rejection of Christianity.

In Breaking the Circle it is also claimed that three interlocking circles, the ‘Satanic Salute’, swastikas and the number ‘666’ (or FFF in alphabet form) are symbols used in the occult and Satanism. The information given on these alleged symbols is also totally false and concocted. Once more these claims are based on nothing more than the myths born of the period termed ‘Satanic Panic’. These claims are based on heresy and misinterpretation of religious symbols and texts by fundamentalist Christians.

Even the symbols of other religions are not safe from the narrow-minded Christian perspective. According to Breaking the Circle the Yin Yang symbol is a ‘Satanic symbol’. The concept of yin-yang is found in Chinese philosophy and according to Wikipedia, “is used to describe how polar opposites or seemingly contrary forces are interconnected and interdependent in the natural world, and how they give rise to each other in turn in relation to each other”. It is not a Satanic symbol.

The same can be said of what is termed the upside-down axe which is claimed to be an Ancient Roman symbol of justice, that when inverted, becomes the Satanic symbol of ‘anti-justice’. This is a misinterpretation of the Ancient Roman Fasces; a bundle of wooden sticks with a single axe blade (not double as is pictured in the article) emerging from the center, which symbolized summary power and jurisdiction, and/or “strength through unity”. In all likelihood the image is based on the labrys (the Ancient Minoan symbol of an axe), which was adopted by feminist and lesbian movements that was seen as a threat to patriarchal Christianity.

The final symbol on this extensive and incredibly inaccurate list is that of the ‘cross of confusion’ which is claimed to represent ‘the Antichrist’. It is further elaborated in Breaking the Circle that “it questions the existence of Christianity and the validity of the cross of Christ.” Just as with the majority of the symbols on this list, not only is it incorrectly attributed to Satanism, but it’s supposed meaning is false.

The origins of the ‘cross of confusion’ are obscure with some denoting its origins to Kronos or Saturn where it is actually representative of a sickle (as the question mark was not found in Ancient Roman and Greek punctuation). In a modern context it is used as a symbol of adopting a questioning spirit and has been used as a symbol by the bands Devildriver and The Blue Oyster Cult.

The last page of Breaking the Circle features an image of various magickal scripts: Theban, Passing the River, Celestial and Malachim. According to the accompanying text these alphabets are used by Satanists for discreet communication. The reality is that these occult alphabets are used in ceremonial magic and various Wiccan and Witchcraft traditions. And while they may be used by a practicing Satanist, they do not form a part of Satanic religious practices.

Breaking the Circle then closes with the claim that Satanism is evil and is “The Kingdom of Darkness and fear”. Just as with all the articles in Servamus’ ‘special edition’, this view is wholly from the Christian perspective and only displays their need for an imaginary fear. And of course, the only cure for Satanism is acceptance of Jesus Christ as it is explicitly expressed in the closing paragraph.

What Breaking the Circle fails to acknowledge in its effort to convert the free-thinking youth is that in South Africa everyone is entitled under the South African Constitution to freedom of religion without discrimination or persecution. This article is an affront to human rights and blatantly discriminatory and false. But what is most troubling is that not only does this ‘information’ hold the potential to harm innocent children and teenagers, it is marketed to the very people who are meant to protect us from harm- SAPS officers.


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