Evoking my Fetch and Experimentation with a New Method



mirrorI have been trying to use runes in new and novel ways and one thing that is often touched on but never quite explored in depth, is using runes to evoke/invoke spirits. Runes in themselves have the ability to control, constrain, call forth, open lines of communication, open doors to various worlds etc.

So I thought it time to make contact with my fylgja and experiment with how well runes can help bring forth an entity. The fylgja, or fetch, is that aspect of the soul complex, which assumes the shape of an animal, reflecting your inner nature. Used a combination of runes to establish connection, pierce the veil, communicate and the rune that most closely resembles the fetch – the horse rune.

I used my magic mirror to scry, traced runes upon the air, wrote them on a circular talisman placed behind the mirror and kept another with me. Traced runes over the mirror and recited a conjuration, calling to my fetch to appear. Chanted the runic names over and over, going into a trance. Now what is interesting is that a horse appeared to me in the mirror, quite a few times. Nearly every time, it stood on its hind legs and seemed to be ready to charge, at one stage I saw it kicking its hooves. Got some frontal views as well as it stared at me from the mirror. A horse was the last animal I actually expected to show up. I have never quite felt a connection to horses and perhaps honestly I wanted something more exotic.

In any case my clairvoyance still needs practice as the image kept appearing and disappearing. I instructed the fetch to keep contact through dreams in order that we can get to know each other through subsequent contacts. My clairaudience still needs work as well, I can never “hear” quite so well – except one time when I was in a hypnagogic state and used it to my advantage.

Anyhow, the runes work perfectly well at bringing forth entities and helping them manifest. The continual chanting and galdor helps to deepen the trance state.

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