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Paganism in South Africa Paganism in South Africa

Paganism is an umbrella term for a collection of religions that are based on a wide range of pre-Christian religions, and it is a religion that is rapidly growing in South Africa. This ebook offers introductory information on what Paganism is and its unique history in Southern Africa.

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satanism-the-acid-test-v01-03-1‘Satanism: The Acid Test’ ARF Project Document

This document contains a detailed analysis of the Satanic Ritual Abuse Hysteria in South Africa, as well as of the realistic situation on the ground, an in-depth look at the activities and effects of self-proclaimed “occult experts” and Christian warfare ministries in South Africa, and a detailed explanation of what various religions and subcultures present in South Africa are about from an INTERNAL point of view, and also clearing up the confusion between what they are and what propaganda claims they are.

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