Coven of the Crossroads Meet and Greet

Riaan Myburgh

On Saturday 9 December, the Coven of the Crossroads hosted a meet and greet, open to all Pagans in the area to mingle, chat and just hang out with people sharing the same vibe.

In March this year, after many years of being a solitary witch, an introvert and pretty much a recluse, I finally decided to get out of my shell and meet people, preferably those that share my beliefs. I came across the Coven of the Crossroads Facebook page and scraped up the courage to message them, after a couple other attempts at messaging other local covens and not getting any response. I didn’t expect a reply. My message was answered by the ever charismatic Leanne Middleton. I explained my situation and my past and without a moment of judgment or hesitation, she offered to meet for a beer and chat.

We met, had a couple of beers at the local Spur and chilled for a couple hours and just talked. For a recluse like myself it was scary as Hades, but it was refreshing to speak to someone that shared my beliefs and point of view.  We chatted and before I knew it, I was asked to attend a ritual and invited to consider joining the coven.

The day of the ritual came and I was picked up from my home by Leanne, and taken to the coven base to participate in the ritual. The energy was amazing, the people open and welcoming. No judgment at all. I have not yet experienced this before. It was an enlightening experience.

Since then I have been accepted into the coven, started with lessons to obtain my degrees and made friends that will hopefully last a lifetime. Karen Dismore, Grant Allen, Tanya Walker and Leanne Middleton have given me a place where I feel I can belong, a home and kindred tribe. It is something I will be forever grateful for.

The Coven’s meet and greet was attended by 20 people, some from as far as Kensington, Alberton, Fourways, Kempton Park and even from Pretoria. It was a casual gathering with everyone sharing experiences, tales of how they found this path and how difficult it was to find a coven or people sharing their beliefs without traveling many kilometers in search of their tribe.

When asked what they thought of the gathering, those attending responded… “ It’s interesting, I can’t find the words to describe it, the energy, the vibe, it’s good and almost a bit overwhelming, all I can think of saying is interesting.”
“Another Pagan friend warned me about joining a coven or attending this event, after I told him I wanted to come. He said I should stay solitary and do my own thing and not get involved in the drama and politics of a coven, but I was curious, so I came. I would just like to say I am very happy I did, all these people all here sharing the same beliefs and principles. I always thought I was alone, now I know I’m not and defiantly will come again.”
“I was a little disappointed to be honest, here I expected a lot more theatrics, robes and chanting, I was a little disappointed in that respect. But sitting here and meeting everyone and talking with everyone, I have always felt like an outcast and a freak, but I’m not. Here I am and we’re just a bunch of normal people, friends, sitting and chilling, having a beer and just shooting the breeze. It’s awesome.”

The experience was a very pleasant one, and on behalf of the Coven of the Crossroads I would like to thank everyone that attended our first official meet and greet, one of many to be held in the near future. The Coven of the Crossroads is an eclectic coven drawing its guidance from various pantheons. One of its members is an i’Sangoma in training. We are an open, non-judgmental ‘family’ welcoming everyone whom wishes to join us with open arms.  Our goal is to help those on the Pagan path in any way we can with guidance and support. With Leanne Middleton and Grant Allen, our High Priestess and High Priest, we are always welcoming new members and allowing our family to grow and flourish. To let those that feel alone and lost find their tribe and their home.

Keep an eye on our Facebook page for the next Meet and Greet, as well as our public Sabbats, where everyone is welcome to participate or observe.

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