Celestine Circle


Founded on 6 April 2001 by Fey Fand, the Celestine Circle now consists of 258 members scattered all over the globe.  High Priestess of the Celestine Circle, Fey Fand, has been a practicing Pagan for 24 years, during which time she has worked as a solitary practitioner and with other covens. She also currently represents the Pagan community through the South African Pagan Council (SAPC) on the Southern African Faith Communities Environment Institute (SAFCEI).

Fey believes that we stand at the threshold of the most exciting time in the history of humanity- people are aware of the environmental, political, financial and spiritual crisis which humankind is experiencing, and more and more people are realizing that we are not human beings, we are human ‘doings’.

She goes on to say that: “The challenges facing us are enormous and real.  Only we can change the consciousness of the planet, through doing the work we were born to do, by inspiring others, and by choosing to become part of the positive critical mass, which will lead us into the future with confidence and awareness of our responsibility for care-keeping Mother Earth, acknowledging one another for our own unique contribution to the web that is All of Creation.”

As Fey explains, “we are co-creators, and we can make a difference – every one of us”.  She believes that through our thoughts, words, actions, and expectations, we are able to bring about positive change now; further explaining that as sentient beings we have the power and the responsibility to do the work for the sake of future human generations, and that of Mother Earth. Needless to say, Fey is passionate about the environment and this reflects on Celestine Circle’s involvement in environmental campaigns and rituals to heal Mother Earth.

To date, Celestine Circle have been involved in Save Our Rhino, The Seals of Nam, The Taiji Dolphins, the Orang-utan crisis in Borneo and Sumatra by writing letters, signing and sharing petitions, participating in protests, and also donating goods and funds. They have also adopted Bruno, a German Shepherd who works for the Specialized Tactical Tracking Unit, who takes on rhino poachers.

Using the power of social media, Celestine Circle formed the Facebook group ‘Gaia’s Voice’ to bring awareness to important environment issues. The group has grown and remains very active, and to date has increased to over 400 members.

However, it is both Fey’s and Celestine Circle’s Pagan faith that drives them in their endeavours to protect the environment. As Fey explains,

“The marking of the Wheel of the Year with the celebration of the eight Sabbats keeps me in tune with the seasons of Mother Earth and the seasons of my own life.  Working with the energy of the Moon helps me to understand the ebb and flow of life, and that all things are cyclical and everything returns.”

For Fey it is a privilege to honour Mother Earth and to walk in the knowledge that the Lady and Her Lord are with her always. Through her Pagan beliefs, she sees herself as an instrument for positive change; a belief that she says brings her the responsibility to walk gently upon the planet and one that is consistently upheld by Celestine Circle.

However, as much as Fey is moved by her spirituality to protect the earth, she realises that she is blessed to live a magickal life and grateful to be Pagan; it is this that inspires her to help others realise their own destinies through Celestine Circle, and perhaps have a bit of that inspiration work its magick on them.


Words by Bronwyn Katzke

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