Cats and their Magick

Rico Zaaiman

Rico Zaaiman

A few years ago, I had the pleasure of meeting one of the most amazing felines; one who undoubtedly was in the service of his Mother Bast. Nesert was always blessed with a cheery disposition and as far as cats go, exceedingly chatty. His previous owners saw in him only the negative, he was branded as extremely naughty, stole food and made a general pest of himself. The day of my arrival I was met by this extraordinary being at the front door. He sat and watched me with an attentive gaze, a sort of measuring me up if you will. Nesert spent the remainder of my visit on my lap constantly demanding kisses and rubs. This I know is behaviour that will not normally be associated with cats who are seen as aloof, yet this little person was the direct opposite.

Nesert finally came home with me after much pondering and of course the other two girls already in residence where not too happy with this. Well to say that war was afoot in the house-hold ruled by cats was an understatement, however it all eventually settled down to a mild panic with a few hisses and poisonous stares thrown into the mix. As the days passed we all came to know Nesert as an individual who did demand a lot from all members of the house-hold. In return we where given unconditional love, endless amounts of conversation and uncountable amounts of kisses. We also came to know Nesert in his spiritual aspect where he often would sit and stare at particular spaces as if he was conversing with some unseen forces that where around the house. He became my protector, dream walker companion and above all my guide to the unseen.

Nesert was not meant to be with me for a long period as he was called home after a serious accident and Bast in her infinite love and grace had afforded him the honour to sit at her right side in council till the end of time. I would therefore like to dedicate this piece to him, who after all these years is still missed very much, and who now has become a spirit guide to me and many others and we are not only blessed for the love and the deep affection he bestows on us, but also being the messenger from Beloved Bast. In the loving Memory of Nesert Nefertum Sakti-Bast, may you continue to inspire us even though you are gone, and may you be forever more held in honour in your mother, Bast’s court.

Through the ages the feline race of beings have inspired awe, been worshiped in their own as Gods (and they have never forgotten it of course) and last but not least, fear.  As long as I can remember, I have been fascinated with cats, both big and small, from the tiniest kitten to large panthers and tigers. I have even met a few of them in person. Every time I was blessed to see the utter uniqueness. It has been said that cats have three names, their human given name, their own given name and then the secret name that holds the power to unlock the ageless wisdom of the universe. Some of you have had the pleasure to have such a special being in your life. One that knows exactly when it is time for a playful pet or to give distance when it is most desired. Cats have the ability to see the soul of every living thing, and yet pretend to be completely oblivious to their surroundings. Yet when all is quiet they commune with one another with things beyond our vision or even understanding. They are the link to the world that is in the beyond, the spirit world if you may. They are keepers and protectors of those that have passed on. Yet in age old tales it is said that they are the keepers of secrets both terrible and dark, they were charged to be the eyes and ears but some things are never meant to be shared and thus they were cursed to forever walk in the in-between.

In fact, the cat can also be credited with the fall of one period of Ancient Egypt, whilst the Persian army strode into battle and made way with the Ancient Egyptian Army in but a few strides. They, the unfortunate Ancient Egyptian could not strike back due to the image of a cat branded on the shields of the ravaging Persians. So great was the love of cats in those almost forgotten times that to even accidently kill a cat was a crime so foul that the death sentence was the only outcome.

The Goddesses Bast and Sekhmet are the personal protectors of the Pera (Pharaoh) and that of Upper and Lower Egypt. To this day people of the faith revere them as protector deities, keepers of the divine order Ma’at and custodians of Justice. Cats, throughout the ancient kingdoms have enjoyed the life of the privileged, been given burials befitting kings and queens. It is only in the dark ages that they became associated with the infernal practices of devil worship and Satanism. Black cats especially where targeted for the most heinous of crimes against animals. They were burnt, tortured to “confess” and drowned very much like their human brethren, the witches. They were hunted across Europe and Colonial America, the arrival of the Black Plague that killed more than 65% of the population at the time was blamed on our feline friends. Cats were exterminated at every turn. Today, the cat is just another domesticated animal that has become a companion for many including little old ladies with pointy hats. Studies have shown that more cats are found in pet cemeteries than any other domesticated animal, thus continuing the cycle of having a funeral befitting a king or queen.

For many of the magical folk of today, cats are not just a domestic animal, they have become spiritual companions, not familiars but companions. Cats have taken the sacred oath to guard and protect us from all the things that are harmful. They have seen what lies beyond. These elusive entities appear to those that are called to the Path via dreams but rarely in the physical. Those that have experienced it have said that the sensation of love and warmth was so overpowering that they longed for it long after the sensation have passed. Those that have been blessed to see them in their physical forms have noted that they are often much larger than a normal cat, sometimes as big as a panther with eyes so vivid that they leave an imprint on your soul.  Those that are reading this now know that you have been blessed, know that the Goddess Bast herself has called you, and you must answer.

The history of our feline kin is riddled with tales both fascinating and enchanting, be it for the fall of an era or the foretelling of the passing of a person. This brings me to Oscar, who one day arrived at an old age home and made himself comfortable. They did not pay much attention to him, because Oscar was mostly aloof, a typical cat trait, but they left him to his own devices. The residents adopted Oscar as one of their children. Oscar became increasingly agitated one day when he was confronted with a closed door, scratching and calling to the nurses to give him entry. Inside the room a lady was connected to a breathing apparatus. The nurse watched Oscar as he climbed on the bed, gently walked up and then gave the lady a soft nuzzle. Early in the morning the lady passed on with Oscar by her side. As the months went by Oscar predicated the deaths of each of those he visited, the amazing thing with this is not just that the beautiful creature could sense when someone was about to pass on, but something more mystical drove him to guard over the soul of the person. Oscar still does what he does, and for those that have no family, he is the last comforting presence before they leave to continue on their journey.

Our journey with our feline friends will never be a boring one, from kitten to full grown divinity they have landed the part of mystical, exceptional and spiritual. They have been branded as both good and evil, they have left their paw prints on pages and even on the silver screen. We have built shrines to their august personages. We have laid them to rest in tombs filled with gold and their favourite toys. But I would say that the most incredible experience yet for anyone is to come home after a long day and to be greeted with that ever patronizing stare saying “So… here you are and the food bowl is empty”! We each walk a journey with them as they walk with us, sometimes I feel cats are the more evolved species as they convey both emotion and thought in a single, precise strike that does not leave much out. We have been blessed and graced with their ever loving presence.

Now as I sit and watch those two little divinities fast asleep curled up together I am reminded even though their journey is much shorter than ours, they walk in this realm not with a care for the physical but the preparation of their higher selves; something we as humans should strive to do at all times, never losing sight of the ultimate goal – to be at one with the God-self. I don’t think any feline companion could ever replace Nesert, I would like to think that when my time is up he will wait for me to take me home, because I believe that is what cats do. Love them, tell them every day that they are special and that they mean the world to you and one day you might hear the little voice telling you exactly the same.

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3 Responses

  1. Jhenephyr Liliam says:

    one of the best pieces I heave read about these amazing beings! I have 10, and each one is precious and unique. They also have their individual position in my home, from King of the Castle, Queen of the Quarters, Guardian of the Gates, etc. They fill these positions with all the grace, charm and dedication they showed when the chose me as their human guardian. I give thanks on a dialy basis that Bast and Sekhmet have deemed me worthy to be blessed by their presance and love in my home.
    Thank you, Rico!

  2. Perigaea says:

    Made me cry thinking about my “brother”; my 1st cat I grew up with as a child and insisted that he was my brother! My mother was horrified. And I was devastated when he eventually passed at the ripe old age of 18. Then there was my first baby Kerry-cat who passed too young, and Cherie my beautiful little girl who had to leave too early … I’ve lost too many special cats and it makes my heart ache in a place that will never heal.

  3. Earthspirit says:

    Lovely. I have a black cat as well. She is very special.

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