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Servamus prefers to publish fiction

CHRISTINA ENGELA. The SAPS’s magazine Servamus has for years been the platform for disseminating hysterical Christian fundamentalist propaganda and misinformation about occult belief systems, used to paint a false picture of people identifying with occult beliefs and practices, as well as to slander those beliefs. This it has done with apparent impunity, despite efforts by outraged citizens and CBO’s to address these activities by means of official channels.

The Vestage Of Ignorance – AUKSANO & The SABC Sabotage Religious Freedom In SA

CHRISTINA ENGELA. How does AUKSANO (and by implication the SABC) know that “Satanism in SA schools is increasing”? Did they draw on statistics to come to this conclusion? How many practising Satanists live in South Africa? Even Statistics South Africa does not know the answer to that question! Right at the top of my list of doubts is the notion that actual Satanists would indicate on a school registration form that they are Satanists – precisely because of the hysteria we see here. They would be concerned for their safety – and judging by the hysterical and ignorant reactions visible on every single article dealing with occult belief systems, who could blame them?

Bridging the Great Divide

CHRISTINA ENGELA. The Constitution forms the supreme law of South Africa. It is a secular law which stands to prevent the persecution of people on the basis of race, ethnicity, language, gender, sexual orientation – and also religious freedom. Of course, most of the time you need to belong to a minority group of some kind to confirm that the law and the letter are being carried out in real life as they are on paper. In South Africa I can attest to the fact that the gap between the paper law and the real life application of these laws, which once seemed to be narrowing, is now just as wide, if not wider than ever.

The Poep’s latest move and other stories

CHRISTINA ENGELA. People will always judge others. Being free means not letting being judged bother you – freedom means being strong enough as a person to see people who judge you for what they are: weak, ignorant, underdeveloped and afraid. That’s when you get the chance to show them what you are; above making their mistakes and perpetuating their character flaws. It is by this principle that you realize what was meant by Gandhi when he said “Be the change you want to see in the world”.

16 Days Of Double Standards

CHRISTINA ENGELA. During this annual campaign, much ado is made of the violence against women and children, while focusing on violent males, presumably husbands, lovers and fathers, but nothing is ever made of the abuse and prejudice against lesbians, trans-women and gay/trans kids. Nor is there ever any mention of violent women in abusive relationships, both hetero and homo sexual. In all fairness, they do exist. Are lesbians not also women? Am I as a trans-woman any less female?

Christianist Threat To Religious Minorities In South Africa

CHRISTINA ENGELA. The SAPS can’t arrest a person on suspicion of suspicion. Well, actually they can – and often do, it seems – but they get sued for wrongful arrest and detention, and sometimes police brutality as well – as evidenced by the over 6000 such cases recently reported as being outstanding against the SAPS. No actual physical evidence of an actual crime amounts to wrongful arrest. If they do this, then it is grounds for wrongful arrest and/or intimidation charges and a law suit. Are they sure they want to go there on the basis of the furtherance of a purely discriminatory religious agenda?

My Brief Delusional Time As A Lesbian

CHRISTINA ENGELA. This morning I was lying in bed considering what to wear. I sleep naked these days, because I’ve enjoyed the new found freedom that being physically female brings. What I was wondering was, what to clothe my body with once I got out of bed, and despite the personal style I’ve developed over the past few years, I’m now totally at a loss for what to pick in my closet. Being female, albeit a transgender female now 6 years post-op, the choice should have been clear to me. The reason for this dilemma is that I was told last night by a person of some prominence in the local lesbian community, that I “dress like a drag queen”.

Divisions Within The LGBTI Community

CHRISTINA ENGELA. In the past I have called for more active interest and participation from the Pink Community, and I am happy to say that in recent months the community has risen to the challenge by and large, with new Pride events taking place, new community support projects springing up, and new activist voices shouting from within the wilderness to speak out against the injustices faced by our community. However, there is an ongoing feud between the organizers of a community pageant and other members of the community, a feud which is both unproductive and insensible, and which threatens to tear a rift right through the community. I also find it puzzling and disgusting how many people who wouldn’t be seen dead voting or supporting anything political openly in defense of their own rights, have jumped in neck-deep in supporting either of the parties in this recent dispute which has been threatening to divide and weaken us as a community.