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Witchcamp on for 2019

Can we expect a Witchcamp going forward?  Leanne Middleton says most certainly. The planning and preparations for Witchcamp 2019 is already in progress. She calls on all Pagans to ready for next year with a new venue and new line up. “We stand up as a community and make this happen. We cannot back down! We need to show South Africa that you can’t keep Witches out of their neighbourhoods. We are home owners, doctors, engineers, architects, journalists, lawyers, scientists. We have every right to practice our religions in peace. We all need to join together at our events and prove this point. They will not silence us!”


The word on most people’s lips right now is Witchcamp. After an extensive social medial campaign and weeks of hard work behind the scenes to finally make this a reality, both Coven of the Crossroads and Coven of the Dark Moon Crescent are proud to bring you, Witchcamp 2018. The much anticipated event that will take place in Randfontien on 3 and 4 November 2018.