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Not Born Sinners

FRANCISCO FUMAROLA. Illogical Christianity and the notion of ‘born bad’ has certainly left the world a very bizarre guilt trip as a legacy. Even early Christians did not all agree on the notion, but Augustine accepted it. The emotional ties to Jesus “dying for our sins” makes absolutely no sense either way.

The Futhark and spiritual growth

FRANCISCO FUMAROLA. I once heard someone describe the runes as a “lesser form of magic”, or a “lesser arcana”. I have also heard that the runes deal with lower energies than for example the powers dealt with in Kabbalistic magic. Nothing could be further from the truth. The runes express concepts and powers from Germanic myth and Germanic worldview. I believe that the runes are a summary of all important forces of creation and therefore they reflect the whole or a cosmology.

In Defense of SAPRA’s position against Satanic Panic hysteria

FRANCISCO FUMAROLA. What most South Africans believe about Satanism is essentially a myth of Evangelical Christianity – a useful tool, a straw-man to demonize all belief systems outside of Christianity as a conspiracy by the devil himself. A version of Christianity is growing in Africa which is strongly evangelistic and strongly focused on notions such as End Times, gifts of the Spirit, miracles, supernatural powers, deliverance and demonic possession. This Christianity has infected Africa with its hysteria and notions of demons, devils and witches as causes of misfortunes.

Occultism underpins Christian Esotericism

FRANCISCO FUMAROLA. The SAPS are actively promoting Satanic Panic and discrimination in South Africa. This is due to the biased sources they draw upon, poorly defined and outright wrong definitions of “Satanism” and the “Occult” and the fact that they reflect solely the opinions of Christian sources. Mainstream Christianity is opposed to the “Occult” as certain occult practices are forbidden in the Bible (with passages open to interpretation and consideration of context). The term “Occult”, while meaning “hidden”, does not refer to clandestine, “evil” or illegal practices. It refers to the esoteric and inner traditions that lie behind all religions, including Christianity.

SAPRA versus SAPS Orcs

FRANCISCO FUMAROLA. A supposed member of the South African Police Service (SAPS) involved with Occult Related Crimes and their investigation came amidst the Pagan community in 2013 like a wolf in sheep’s clothing. SAPRA had already sent objections to the SAPS about the apparent revival of an Occult Related Crimes unit as revealed in a leaked memo from 2012. These objections by SAPRA have never received any kind of response from the SAPS. The only response made by the SAPS came through media statements where they kept repeating the same PR spin about “not discriminating against religious beliefs but investigating crimes”. Apparently “occult” and “satanic” crimes were suddenly a big issue –mainly actually due to false labeling of crimes as a result of shoddy education and the shoddy nature of sources used by the SAPS when it comes to the occult. To date, SAPRA’s valid objections still have not been addressed.

Adele Neveling a contemporary Occult/Satanic “survivor”

FRANCISCO FUMAROLA. Adele Neveling has been at it again, spreading misinformation about Satanism and the Occult. For some reason she was considered enough of an “expert” to advise Pennsylvanian police on a recent murder case. Apparently, if you have written a book and you have a story about being a former Satanist, you can be considered an “expert”. There is no need to check up on claims, claim you were a Satanist and you have now become a born-again Christian and it seems you are a serious source of information on the occult and Satanism – a pity Adele gets so many facts about contemporary Satanism and the Occult dead wrong.

Pyramid Thought-form Amplification and the Rune Ingwaz.

FRANCISCO FUMAROLA. The idea of the pyramidal shape as a thought form amplifier is not new of course but the pyramid can actually have runic significance and its power corresponds closely to that of the rune Ingwaz – the god Yngvi-Frey or Freyr, male sexuality and orgasm and the potential power inherent in the “seed”. Ingwaz is a rune of fertility and potential power. Like the male sexual energy it builds up towards a climax before release. Ingwaz can be used to store energy in a potential state and “store” it for release at the appropriate time.

Evoking my Fetch and Experimentation with a New Method

FRANCISCO FUMAROLA. So I have been trying to use runes in new and novel ways and one thing that is often touched on but never quite explored in depth, is using runes to evoke/invoke spirits. Runes in themselves have the ability to control, constrain, call forth, open lines of communication, open doors to various worlds etc. So I thought it time to make contact with my fylgja and experiment with how well runes can help bring forth an entity.