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The Spell of Flight: The Gate of Witchery

ROBIN ARTISSON. No activity is more associated with Witches from the folklore of nearly every European culture than flight. The aerial “rades” or broom-rides of Witches are not merely conceits invented for modern Hollywood and consumers around Halloween time; they are based on a worldwide pattern of shamanic belief wherein animistic specialists are capable of inducing transformations that give them the power of flight.

Threefold Charms

ROBIN ARTISSON. What follows is a reworking of a chapter from Robin Artisson’s book “The Coven Book of the Hollow Hill”, with further elaborations and explanatory notes on American folk magic to aid in this description of a powerful system of traditional conjury or charming.

Pious Pouring: Making Libations to the Gods in the Modern Day

ROBIN ARTISSON. One of the greatest signs of piety and devotion we can make for the Gods in the modern day is the ritual of Libation. Libation, or the pouring out of liquids to the Gods, is one of the oldest forms of devotion known to mankind. Unlike the sacrifice of animals, which is very costly and time-consuming (though very important to the religious life of the Ancients) libations can be done today by an individual or a group in no time at all.