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Jeez…us… the way we do things!

OUTIE. I find it very interesting how people can subscribe and unsubscribe to values these days, as if they signed up for a newsletter and then changed their minds a day later. For example – and I apologise in advance for using sweeping generalisations, but you will see that they are necessary in order to make the point, and I do acknowledge that there are individuals out there who are not like this – it occurred to me that most of the black people who voice their opinion either directly to me or via the media have this collective empathy with those who were oppressed and discriminated against during the Apartheid era. I can understand this, since, as a self-identified South African Witch, I feel an empathy with all of those people through the ages who were accused of witchcraft and burned at the stake or drowned as heretics, under an unjust and very predominantly Christian system.

Allegorical hero and the initiatory quest for Virtue

LESLEY MADYTINOS. The heroes of myths and legends hold a most important place within the allegories of the ancients and within human society, past and present. Regardless of whether these heroes arise from the mire of historical battle or focus upon an ordinary person faced with an extraordinary challenge, the motif of the path of the hero is identified by a personal choice made by the hero from which unfolds a particular course of action that embodies specific qualities. These heroic actions and the qualities they suggest become the values of any community of humans.

Pagans petition Stylebooks to capitalize “Pagan”

OBERON ZELL. It is a matter of continuing frustration to modern self-identified Pagans that newspaper and magazine copy editors invariably print the proper terms for their religion (i.e., “Pagan” and “Paganism”) in lower case. Journalists who have been confronted about this practice have replied that this is what the Associated Press and Chicago Stylebooks recommend.

Threefold Charms

ROBIN ARTISSON. What follows is a reworking of a chapter from Robin Artisson’s book “The Coven Book of the Hollow Hill”, with further elaborations and explanatory notes on American folk magic to aid in this description of a powerful system of traditional conjury or charming.

Family ties and growing pains

JACK MAURICE LESAGE. I think one of the main problems with definitions of Paganism, is that most tend to say what Paganism is not, rather than concentrating on what Paganism is. This may be a reason why so many non-Pagans and even Pagans are under the impression that everything and anything goes. Pagans should not see themselves as those who have merely excluded themselves from the Judeo-Christian-Islamic group of religions, but as those who have embraced very specific other beliefs.

The Devil Made Me Do It and Other Modern Day Fallacies

SAFFRON VAN HELSDINGEN BRINK. Very few subjects will stir up a room as much as the topic of Satanism, with fear and outrage comprising the majority of the reactions. It is very easy to run with the sensationalist tales of various Christian leaders and tabloid magazines when one hears allegations of dogs being sacrificed or the doings of morbid teenagers dressed in black burning down their local high school. The devil is a profitable scapegoat, and even ex-cricket captains can conveniently blame their downfall on his existence.

A Satanic Conspiracy

DAVE PRINSLOO. Growing up in a Christian society, I was made to believe that “Satanism” was a very real thing that was to be feared, avoided and reported to the authorities. In the old South Africa, laws were passed prohibiting “Devil worship”. Today, it is only the criminal acts Satanists are allegedly compelled to perform, that are illegal.

The Mystery of the Pentagram

AURELIUS. Symbols are the Language of the Gods, they speak directly to the heart of understanding, by-passing the intellect. This grossly condensed study is designed to by-pass the well-known exoteric meanings of the Pentagram, by understanding the inner meanings as related to Cosmos. The reader who is adept will be able to dissolve form (symbol) and soar beyond it.