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A Solitary Perspective

AMANDA RYKAART. Without blow-ups like this, Pagan issues will stagnate or just disappear into the background. At the end of this storm-in-a-teacup, we were all at least in the position to have been able to decide for ourselves whether or not we support the efforts to debunk Satanic Panic myths in a bid to squash altogether the misconception that Pagans are Satanists. Due to the issue raised publicly we were forced to clarify this issue in our own minds and know exactly where we stand on this. Not a bad thing, is it?

Samhain Recipe: Butternut & Raisin Fritters

ARIANAWYR. Pampoenkoekies (pumpkin fritters) are a part of South Africa’s culinary history, being served as either an accompaniment to a meal, or as a dessert. Drawing on our culinary heritage, this updated version uses sweet butternut and adds raisins to make the perfect Samhain treat.