Category: Occult Heritage Month

Celestine Circle

EDITOR. Founded on 6 April 2001 by Fey Fand, the Celestine Circle now consists of 258 members scattered all over the globe. High Priestess of the Celestine Circle, Fey Fand, has been a practicing Pagan for 24 years, during which time she has worked as a solitary practitioner and with other covens. She also currently represents the Pagan community through the South African Pagan Council (SAPC) on the Southern African Faith Communities Environment Institute (SAFCEI).

The Coven of Aradian Rites

HIGH PRIESTESS ASPPARA DANTALIAN. I have been on the Pagan path for almost 20 years now, and feel comfortable with my relationship with my patron Goddess Aradia and her consort Cernunnos. I did my initial training with Spiral in 2005, and then I decided that I’d like to do my degrees, so I joined the Temple of Athena as a seeker in 2008. I didn’t complete my degrees, but I learned a lot, and made some lasting friendships. Our coven was established in 2009, at Yule of that year. We chose Yule as the time to inaugurate our coven because of the association with the start of the New Year following the winter solstice. There were three founding members of the coven.

Ignorance maintains the status quo

STAR BUSTAMORE. About 15 years or so ago, I was working in a metaphysical store in Nashville, TN. I was buyer for several depts in the store, and was also part of a circle that was loosely connected to the store. We occasionally got a stray Satanist coming into the store to either buy supplies or order books, but the store’s owner was from a Christian background and refused to carry any of Lavey’s or anything even remotely connected to Satanism. I fought regularly with her over some of the witchy books I thought we should carry. After all, we were a business, not a church, and businesses are about making money not so much making moral judgments. But she did not even want Satanists gracing her store. I, on the other hand, will talk to anyone and if they need help, I will help them if their request is within reason.