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Healing for abundance

NATHALIE BEULAH. Your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being are all intertwined with the abundance you may or may not be attracting to you. It is vitally important to understand that all four of these areas are equally important when it comes to living your best life. If you feel that you have been trying to balance all the elements of self, yet for some reason your are not attracting into your life what it is you are searching for, you can seek out healing to help “unblock” what it is that may be holding you back.

Reiki and the Cycle of Life

NATHALIE BEULAH. Reiki is best when used as an assisting therapy. What this means is It is used alongside other forms of therapy, including medical treatments, to help your body to heal faster. It is used to help someone work through something that has happened or is happening in their lives. This doesn’t have to be a medical or physical trauma, but it can also be an emotional or spiritual area of their lives. Reiki Therapy can be used to assist us as we deal with every day events that occur during the cycle of life and death.

Journaling with Runes

NATHALIE BEULAH. One of the biggest challenges when starting to write in your spiritual journal may be that you feel you have nothing to write. Using a form of divination in your daily life can allow you to grow. It helps you to understand where you are currently in your life and how you can move forward. It also gives you the opportunity to ask your Spiritual Guardians, Guides and Angels for advice and guidance and you have the tools necessary to receive an answer.

Witchcraft in the news

NATHALIE BEULAH. With misrepresented reports in the media lately with regards to the Occult, Witchcraft and so-called ‘African Witchcraft’, SAPRA (South African Pagan Rights Alliance) has really had their hands full. This is not the first time these types of reports have appeared in the news spotlight and it more than likely will not be the last. The latest onslaught of media attention seemed to have started with a small article about a mutilated rabbit’s body found in the Edenvale area. Without proper investigation, fingers were suddenly pointed at “African Witchcraft” as the culprit. Our country was then shocked by the killings at Lonmin’s Marikana Mines, where 44 people lost their lives, 34 during police action. Once again fingers were pointed towards “African Witchcraft”.

Working with energies part 4 of 4

NATHALIE BEULAH. In this post I am going to describe the processes I use when I would like to work with the energies of a group of people. There are many reasons to use this type of energy work, and a lot of people do use it already. A good illustration of this is when we get together to help a lot of people, for example to pray for peace in a war-torn country or to pray for victims of a natural disaster or a “heal the earth” meditation. A lot of people actually do this kind of energy work without realising it. It is the most “giving” form and is shared the most often.

Working with energies part 3 of 4

NATHALIE BEULAH. In this post I am going to describe the processes I use when I ‘pull in’ and channel another person’s energy. I use this form of connecting to someone’s energy mostly when I am performing a distance Tarot or Rune reading. Once I am connected to and channeling a person’s energy in this way. I am able to work with Tarot cards on their behalf. I can randomly select Runes or I can let the Runes “fall where they may” for a reading. The method of the actual reading depends on the reason for the reading and not the channeling of my client’s energy.

Working with energies part 2 of 4

NATHALIE BEULAH. In this post I am going to describe the process I use when reaching out to connect to a specific person’s energy. I use this method mostly when I performing a session for distance healing with Reiki. I won’t go through what I do during the sessions because that is a completely different topic and you would need to go through some form of training in order to be able to successfully and responsibly perform distance healing. Though healing isn’t necessarily the only reason you would use this process, it can be adapted and used for readings, spells and other forms of energy work.