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Lady Amberstorm

Her wooden floored cottage is filled with her delicate handiwork: quilts and crocheted blankets, wedding cakes and sugar roses so fine they look real. It becomes evident that Lady Amberstorm likes to help people. She was trained in the Lunaguardia Tradition and served as its High Priestess for almost two years. She affirms that it is vitally important that we reclaim our freedom and essence, as well as the beauty, power and heritage of the word “Witch”. Out here in the forests and mountains she has learned to be true to her nature and to connect with the Great Mother, restoring her surroundings to their former wild beauty, and co-existing with all the creatures of Mother Nature as equals and equally deserving of a place in the Sun.

Lammas with Lady Deanne

KAAPSCHEHOOP Lughnasadh, 2016 – The de Kaap Valley has always been notorious for its Witches and when many arrive for their holidays, in this picturesque little village, they are not aware that in its midst lives a self-identified Witch who casts circles, believes in fairies, breathes Magick spells and sings healing songs of old.

Who am I?

MORGAUSE FONTELEVE. To the best of my ability I shall continue to strive to be a vehicle of information and illumination, guided by Nature and Reason, aided by Divine Instinct (Conscience within) and Justice, practicing Equity, striving to understand the struggle and beauty of life and those whose lives touch mine and not to be blind to the light of others. Madame Blavatsky wrote that in accordance with Occult Law, no man can rise superior without uplifting ever so little the whole body of which he is an integral part of, for there is no such thing as separateness.

The Moon, The Hare and Ancestors’ Night

MORGAUSE FONTELEVE. Those who love us keep us in life and in death, they keep the memory of us alive in their hearts, mind, actions, songs and stories. Remember with love the Ancestors at the end of this year, honour them with songs and feasting, perhaps even the “dumb feast”. Say their names! Let not their stories and memory be lost in the deafening silence of forgetfulness. Repeat their history, tell their old stories, and hail their names.

Religious fascism or equal rights?

MORGAUSE FONTELEVE. I believe Clergy should have no right to tell a President how he should act or tell their spiritual flock whom to vote for, or that any politician should be denied the right to be elected, or be labelled as corrupt or evil, because the religious beliefs he holds are not mainstream.

THE ADVOCACY – Art for Human Rights

MORGAUSE FONTELEVE. On 15 March 2013, Morgause Fonteleve, Convener for the SAPC and CEO for SAPRA, addressed the CRL Commission and a body of UNISA students, at the NG Church Hall, and invited the community to attend the opening of THE ADVOCACY exhibition the following day at Caster Bridge, White River.

‘The Advocacy’ – Art for Human Rights

MORGAUSE FONTELEVE. The Witch-hunt is a centuries old tool of prejudice against society, in particular women. It is a form of genocide that is bound neither by ethnicity nor time and which continues to demand its victims across the world. Witchcraft accusations, hangings, stoning episodes, burnings, beatings, hackings, banishing and forced relocations are common types of brutality and violence women in particular, are still subjected to in rural communities of South Africa. All too often, with epidemic frequency as a matter of fact, the disempowered (old women, children and men) are subjected to false accusations, brutal and abusive treatment at the hands of rural courts, superstitious and angry mobs who wish to purge their community of the “evil” amongst them.