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Shu and Tefnut, Children of RA

MARIETTE DREYER. In the beginning there was a primordial mass of unstructured water. Ra, in his god form, lived in these waters also known as Nun. After a period of time he rose in all his splendour from this mass of water in the form that we know him today, the Sun. He rose out of the waters and stood upon a mound, also described as the Benben stone or the pyramordian, which is the summit stone of a pyramid, Up to now, the deities we have dealt with were all androgynous (having both male and female characteristics, showing neither male nor female traits) although we see Ra as male. Ra is both the creator and father of the first god and goddess who are definitely male and female. He created two children out of dust and his own spittle, whom he called SHU, the god of Air and TEFNUT, the Goddess of Moisture. Together these three formed a triad or threefold Deity.

Ra – God of the Sun

MARIETTE DREYER. The texts most used to define who and what Ra was, are The Pyramid Texts and the Book of the Dead. There is consensus however that Ra is the creator God of all that exists and that he is the Supreme Being, the One God, the only Deity. He has a solar form, the Sun as we see it on a daily basis in which he travels across the heavens in a holy bark, an Egyptian boat.