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Interview with Edward Durand

Edward Durand is inspired by the ways in which nature can fire his imagination and often conveys this by putting pen to paper. He has spent two decades studying the wisdom traditions. By following a bardic path he was able to touch the Imbas, the spirit of inspiration. His poems are mystical journeys of transformation into the heart of nature and spirit, inspired by profound glimpses of higher truths and a reverence for nature. He has a poetry book published of poems based on the wisdom of the Ogham tree alphabet. Edward is now running a holistic healing and retreat centre in Ireland with his wife.

Josefu’s 1000 Hills

LARISA HUNTER. Josefu Mutesa, British born of Ugandan parents, slowly recalls his experiences in Rwanda, ‘land of the thousand hills’ where he went as an UN official in the aftermath of the genocide. He had a breakdown out there, when UN rules continued to cause havoc by being applied just as blindly as they had been before and during the killings. He was evacuated to Canada and now, six years later, he decides to face his past. This is his story.

Review: The Way of the Oracle by Diana L. Paxson

LARISA HUNTER. Although Trance-Portation came out first, in many ways The Way of the Oracle should be purchased and read before Trance-Portation as it will provide a foundation for later work. Paxson provides a great deal of explanation of the path, as well as enough evidence to show the importance of oracles and their place in society. The Way of the Oracle introduces the reader to oracular seidr and explains in depth what it is, covering it’s historical correspondences, its rituals, the types of questions people ask, and a complete guide to setting up an oracular session.

Review: Incipient Triad by Hugh B. Long

LARISA HUNTER. Author Hugh B. Long whom also writes as Eoghan Odinsson is one of the finest independent authors that I have the fortune of knowing. The stories included in Incipient Tetrad are so different from one another but yet still seamlessly weave together that the reader is not jarred out of one story and into another but gently persuaded to change rhythms. The short stories contained within the book do show a depth of both character and plot development that give each story the feel of a full length novel. Each story is so unique that I thought it would make more sense to rate each one.

Immanion Press New Releases

LARISA HUNTER. In this review… Owl Stretching by K. A. Laity, Sign for the Sacred by Storm Constantine, Para Imminence: Stories of the Future of Wraeththu edited by Storm Constantine and Wendy Darling, and Embracing Heathenry by Larisa Hunter. To order a review copy simply email Please ensure that all reviews are being sent to

New Release: Ivoria by Tanith Lee

LARISA HUNTER. New Release: Ivoria by Tanith Lee. Nick Lewis certainly has no liking for his TV historian brother, Laurence. Aside from anything else Nick blames him for the death of their mother, the beautiful actress Claudia Martin. And so, is it possible the off-handedly childish trick played by Nick on Laurence really does cast some kind of curse?