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The Gods are not for hire!

I’ve grown up seeing people who beg the Gods and Goddesses for perfect marks on their assignments or in buying their first homes or making sure their lives go according to plans they have made. When something thwarts them or fails, some of these folks even resort to blaming their Gods and Goddesses for “allowing such things to occur” as if the Gods and Goddesses have nothing better to do than to spend their time being Wish-Granters of the human race. It is a misunderstanding that just having blind faith, that as long as you are “devout”, everything will work out perfectly exactly as planned and just the way we want it. The “Rent-A-God-or-Goddess” mindset of worship has culminated in the codependency of leaning on the deities for virtually everything and having unrealistic expectations of results based on the level of their devotion.

My journey to the Morrigan

IVY NEEL. Growing up with a Hindu background, I was exposed to polytheistic devotion as well as a pantheistic worship in my own community. Today I honor the Morrigan. It seems an interesting journey since it was Kali who led me there.