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Immanion Press New Releases

LARISA HUNTER. In this review… Owl Stretching by K. A. Laity, Sign for the Sacred by Storm Constantine, Para Imminence: Stories of the Future of Wraeththu edited by Storm Constantine and Wendy Darling, and Embracing Heathenry by Larisa Hunter. To order a review copy simply email Please ensure that all reviews are being sent to

New Release: Ivoria by Tanith Lee

LARISA HUNTER. New Release: Ivoria by Tanith Lee. Nick Lewis certainly has no liking for his TV historian brother, Laurence. Aside from anything else Nick blames him for the death of their mother, the beautiful actress Claudia Martin. And so, is it possible the off-handedly childish trick played by Nick on Laurence really does cast some kind of curse?

NEW RELEASE: The Traveller’s Guide to the Duat by Kiya Nicoll

LARISA HUNTER. Planning a trip to the Egyptian spirit world? Like any responsible traveller, you want to know something about the history, geography, and politics of your destination. You want to know what documents you need to have in order for customs and immigration, what precautions to take, how to book a boat tour, where to stay, what to eat, and when you’ll get the most interesting sightseeing opportunities. The Traveller’s Guide to the Duat, by Kiya Nicoll, is your guidebook to the spirit world of ancient Egypt, inspired by The Egyptian Book of the Dead.

Knock, Knock anyone home?

LARISA HUNTER. In this digital world with so many mediums in which one can contact, connect, distribute and advertise oneself, it amazes me that there are such severe flaws with our digital world. The first flaw is that of the overly quiet communities that are out there. So many people seem to be writing but not submitting? Perhaps this is a flaw in how we as seekers of contributions are advertising? Maybe it is the fact that titles are not appealing to enough of an audience? But, one of the founding reasons I think there is a lack of submissions is the lack of places to advertise about these.

Magic on the Edge 2.0 – Call for papers for anthology of experimental occultism

LARISA HUNTER. Magic on the Edge 2.0 is an anthology of experimental occultism, testing the cutting edges of magical practice to reveal intriguing experiments and new ideas, to push the future of magical practice forward and provide further inspiration for other practitioners. It is edited by Taylor Ellwood. The deadline for the first draft is March 15th. For more information or questions contact Taylor at

L’Amber by Tanith Lee & The Monstrous Regiment by Storm Constantine

LARISA HUNTER. The Monstrous Regiment by Storm Constantine – Artemis, a world named for a huntress goddess, has been isolated from other human colonies for hundreds of years. Originally settled by a group of feminists and their male supporters, whose aim was to create an equal Utopian society, Artemis has drifted away from those ideals. A cruel matriarchy has risen to replace the oppressive patriarchy the original colonists sought to escape. A chance meeting with a fugitive from the city, the rebel Elvon L’Belder, draws Corinna into this unrest. From that moment, her move to Silven Crescent is destined to be something other than what her mother had planned for her. Change is coming, and whatever the outcome, it is sure to be devastating. | L’Amber by Tanith Lee – The beautiful artist Jilaine Best has everything – looks, talent and great wealth. But it seems even Jilane’s perfect life is flawed. In adolescence there was the mysterious episode in France. Now, longing for the baby she is unable to conceive, Jilaine is willing to let another woman give birth for her. And so Jay confesses she is already pregnant with an unwanted child. Lies are so easy to tell, if you’ve had enough practice.