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Samhain Recipe: Butternut & Raisin Fritters

ARIANAWYR. Pampoenkoekies (pumpkin fritters) are a part of South Africa’s culinary history, being served as either an accompaniment to a meal, or as a dessert. Drawing on our culinary heritage, this updated version uses sweet butternut and adds raisins to make the perfect Samhain treat.

Swedish Pea Soup: Ärtsoppa

HEARTH TO HEART. Swedish Pea Soup: Ärtsoppa – Contributed by Arias Fåglar. Share your favourite recipe (with photo) with Penton’s readers? Contact for submission details.

Gourmet Fillo Veggie Baskets

NASTASSJA STANDER. We have reached December, hot South African days, the daily grind of work, counting down to December holidays… This made me think that as South Africans we traditionally like to have roasted veggies with our main meals right? But on hot December days this is not very practical… and one can only have that many salads… Therefore, I have been inspired by the Gourmet fairy this week to make an interesting twist to the traditional roasted veggies… I like to call it my Fillo Veggie baskets… It is easy and fun to make as well as vegan and vegetarian friendly! (No egg or milk products) You can add your own interesting twists like bacon for the carnivores or nuts for those who don’t want meat! So go have fun and enjoy this week’s light meal! Merry cooking!

Sugar-free Black Forest cake with fresh cherries

NASTASSJA STANDER. Double, double toil and trouble. Fire burn, and cauldron bubble. This is quite appropriate for the last week I have had therefore I decided to start off our cooking blog with a magical ingredient to guarantee happiness and create lots of those feel good hormones… yes you got it! Chocolate!!!! But then again, we all want to stay healthy and natural and as organic as possible, so our first recipe is for a Sugar-free Black forest cake with fresh cherries.