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The Fourth Estate’s MAT

In praising the virtues of diversity of expression the African National Congress has failed to realize the deep and abiding significance of the statement ‘freedom of diversity of expression’ in a democracy; that the people have the right NOT to believe! The Media Appeals Tribunal is nothing but a vehicle with which to impose the ANC’s political ideology.

Witches on Witchcraft

DAMON LEFF. “There are more Witches in the Pagan movement than there are other Pagan practices, but we are only one among a variety of religious paths that I think fall under the term Paganism”. Aline O’Brien, better known to Pagans internationally as M. Macha NightMare, describes herself as a Priestess and Witch. O’Brien is the President of the Board of Directors of a U.S. Pagan seminary, Cherry Hill Seminary. “My religion is not a faith, as other religious persons define this term. It is experiential.”

S.A. Pagans excluded from interfaith initiatives

DAMON LEFF. The South African Pagan Council says its being ignored by the Moral Regeneration Movement (MRM), National Religious Leaders Forum (NRLF) and National Interfaith Leaders Council (NILC). An Asatruar and Strega argue for the inclusion of Paganism [0] in national multi-faith organizations. [13/04/2010]

Witchcraft: superstition or religion?

DAMON LEFF. For centuries Witches have lived in the shadows of other people’s religion; between the lines of mythology, folklore and deliberately constructed propaganda. In the 21st century, Witches don’t exist because superstitious folk believe in our existence, and we won’t disappear if people decide we are merely figments of their imagination.

Witchcraft: a study in bias, prejudice and discrimination in South Africa

DAMON LEFF. When discussing Witchcraft in polite company, one discovers that although not everyone permits their personal bias to evolve into open discrimination, those with bias against Witches carry their prejudice like a moral compass. In less than civil society, bias against Witchcraft is often overtly smug and pretentious, as though the prejudice itself was some form of badge of honour indicating one’s measure of commitment to the moral struggle. If you’re a Witch, social bias against you is pervasive and perverse.