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2013 SA Blog Awards announces winners

EDITOR-IN-CHIEF. This year Penton I.P.M. did not win the SA Blog Awards in the category ‘Best religious / spirituality blog’. Winning isn’t everything. We know we fill an alternative spirituality niche in the South African media market and that our content isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

2013 Summer Solstice has arrived

EDITOR-IN-CHIEF. On behalf of Penton Independent Pagan Media, editors, contributors and bloggers, we wish all our southern hemisphere readers a very blessed Summer Solstice / Alban Heruin (Druidic), Litha (Wiccan). To all our northern hemisphere contributors and readers we wish a very merry Winter Solstice and Yule.

Peter Hammond on ‘Mass Marketing the Mandela Myth’

DAMON LEFF. Peter Hammond, conservative Christian missionary and director of Frontline Fellowship (associated with African Christian Action), has published his personal review of the recently released film Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom entitled ‘Mass Marketing the Mandela Myth’. In his badly constructed polemic Hammond does what he does best – he projects his own internal racist cognitive dissonance about a man the world has come to know and love as ‘Madiba’ through “hyperbole, hysteria and deception” (to quote Jacques Rousseau).

Your Christmas lights offend me!

DAMON LEFF. This silly season once again parades politicians from every political party wishing their constituents – their Christian constituents only that is – a merry Christmas. ANC and DA run municipalities alike are again dipping into state coffers to pay for lavish Christmas parties, street lights (including the electricity bills), and public functions, in celebration of a single religious celebration – the celebration of the mythical birth of Jesus the Christ.

2013 SA Blog Awards – Vote for Penton

EDITOR-IN-CHIEF. This year Penton I.P.M. has once again entered the SA Blog Awards in the category ‘Best religious / spirituality blog’. The public voting phase will run from Monday, 2 December 2013 until Friday 13 December 2013 at 23:59.
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Clan of Ysgithyrwyn

DAMON LEFF. The Clan of Ysgithyrwyn was founded in 1998 as an eclectic, non-hierarchic coven of independent hedge Witches, non-aligned Pagans, friends and family. Our Clan’s collective theology is one of Reverence and Respect for Life and Truth. We believe that by living with reverence and respect for life, for the dead and the living, we affirm our sacred bond with the Earth Goddess, our collective planetary Mother. We believe that by searching always for Truth and by being always truthful, we affirm our aspiration to be worthy of the Mysteries of Her Cauldron.

Facebook hate groups erode confidence in community standards

DAMON LEFF. According to Facebook community standards, safety is Facebook’s top priority. In practice however enforcing community standards on hate speech and credible threats of violence on Facebook falls well below any reasonable benchmark for priority action. Obviously Facebook aught to replace its automated indifference to hate speech with an empathetic and reactive human being in order to give real meaning to the words ‘top priority’.