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Building a relationship with your new puppy

ANTOINETTE KEYSER. First, you should know that you cannot simply bring a pup into the household and expect him to find his own way around your house and your property. He will need your guidance and protection, because he is still a little baby that has been adopted by you, and he comes with exactly the same amount of responsibility as a new baby, This is the reason why I advise people to make absolutely sure that they really do want a pup before they actually go ahead and buy one.

Next, you have to understand that the pup has been suddenly taken away from his mom without him having any say in the matter, and he will probably resent the situation. That is normal, and it is up to you to make sure he doesn’t begin to resent you. Just as important, it is up to you to give him a reason to want you as his owner, and provide him with enough scope to accept you as his parent.

Choosing your first puppy

ANTOINETTE KEYSER. This article has been written objectively. I love all dogs, and although I present certain things in a “bad” or “negative” light, I don’t blame anything negative on any dog or breed whatsoever. In order to help people make an informed decision when choosing a puppy, I am merely trying to point out the fact that some people, who claim to be “breeders”, have no conscience at all. They are merely“in it” to make money. They have no idea what the term means and shouldn’t be allowed to own dogs, let alone breed them.

The German Shepherd – Construction and Breed Standard

ANTOINETTE KEYSER. In 1889 Captain Max von Stephanitz began to standardize the German Shepherd in an effort to develop a breed that would be globally recognized as such. He bought a dog at a show in Karlsruhe in western Germany. The dog was wolf-like, of medium size and yellow-and-gray. The dog was of the primal canine type, intelligent, supple and powerful, and had stamina, steadiness and endurance.