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In the Name of the Gods

ARIAN AWYR. It’s scandalous, it’s salacious and it’s a story that has sparked quite the debate among townsfolk. What could possibly rock a small, conservative Christian community? A sex shop, that’s what. Our little dorpie has its first sex shop, tucked away in the industrial area far away from schools and churches; not that has stopped leaders of the latter from having heavy opinions about the town’s newest retailer. Now you may be wondering what a little sex shop out in some small town has to do with Paganism. It’s simple really and it all lies in the name of this new shop: Isis Boutique.

Tree Spirit Meditation

ARIAN AWYR. So often when we are faced with a problem we search outside of ourselves for an answer. Sometimes, despite all our external searching, we cannot find an answer- this is because the answer is already within you and requires you to look inward in order to be found. This meditation was created to draw upon the energy of summer and to help you find answers to issues you may be currently facing.