Better the Devil you Know


An interview with MAGUS SATANICUS


People fear and become belligerent towards what they do not know or understand.  There are many ways to walk through Life.  Some follow paths and doctrines that others have created before them, whilst others cut through the chthonic undergrowth of mind as well as conditioning and discover the way themselves.

We live in what has been termed ‘the age of information’.  The objective of this article is to inform and educate.  Many will refute the words and concepts therein and it is their right to do so.  Others, I hope, will read and understand a little bit more regarding Left Hand Paths and see how close at times, as individuals, we swing between here and nowhere in the throes of superstition and ignorance.

MF: Thank you for agreeing to the interview, Magus.  You have described Satanism as the religion of the self, the ego, the God within.  That is the objective of many other spiritual paths.  Negative ego, however, is seen as a stumbling block.  Do you agree with this ideology?

MAGUS: In many Occult groups, the Ego is always seen as negative and it should be suppressed. In fact the Ego is neither positive nor negative, it is as it is. Because of a person’s experiences the Ego will help or hinder the individual. It’s the responsibility of every Satanist to ensure that their Ego is healthy.

MF: Satanists also talk about an Awakening.  Is this a spiritual awakening, a form of coming into Awareness?  And if so, awareness of what?

MAGUS: The awareness of one’s ‘self’. The awareness of being liberated, not being dragged down or being stifled by strict orthodox religion. But most importantly, being aware of having control over one’s destiny rather than placing your destiny in the lap of the empty promises of a Redeemer.

MF: Globally so-called ‘occult crimes’ are almost always attributed to Satanic practices.  Satanists are accused of not respecting Life. How does this affect your personal freedom and your right to freedom of religion?

MAGUS: Satanists do respect life, in fact we cherish life. The fact is that we are unrestricted in mind, body and soul. We also become more aware of the laws of cause and effect.  As our own redeemers we take full responsibility for our own actions and their consequences.

MF: I understand that Satanism is a very broad term; it has many forms and faces.  Can you briefly name a few?

MAGUS: Theistic, Luciferianism, LaVeyan. Theistic is worshipping Satan as a deity; this includes rituals and magical recitals.  Luciferianism is a strict disciplined way to worship Satan as a bright individual, full of knowledge. LaVeyanism teaches that your self and your progress is the most important thing in life.

MF: Do Satanists believe in a God?  And if not, who is Satan in opposition to?

MAGUS: Because every Satanist is different, views on this will differ. I believe that Satan is the creator and he is opposed to all forms of spiritual and emotional bondage on Earth.

MF:  Who is Satan?

MAGUS:  Most Satanists do not accept Satan as an anthropomorphic being with cloven hooves, a barbed tail, and horns. He merely represents a force in nature – the powers of darkness which have been named just that because no religion has taken these forces out of the darkness. Nor has science been able to apply technical terminology to this force. It is an untapped reservoir that few can make use of because they lack the ability to use a tool without having to first break down and label all the parts which make it run. It is this incessant need to analyze which prohibits most people from taking advantage of this many faceted key to the unknown – which the Satanist chooses to call “Satan”.

MF: I have been impressed by some of the abstract philosophies expounded by the different groups within the collective fold of Satanism, whilst others betray a lack of emotional maturity, arrogance and contradiction.  What part does personal evolution and spiritual progression play in the Satanic Faith?

MAGUS: Evolution and progression are vital for a Satanist. It is the ultimate aim for any follower of the left hand path to evolve spiritually and physically; the purifying of the soul. This can only be attained through discipline, through weeding out what does not work for you and keeping what does.

MF: If Satanism is the religion of Self, why then is there so much derision by Satanists towards other Spiritual Paths?

MAGUS: Many Satanists like to blaspheme to prove their point. In my view they would be better off concentrating their energies on their own paths; the effort that will lead them to the ultimate God-head.

MF: Is a mature Satanist capable of accepting (or at least tolerating) other religious paths, and if so, would the word ‘respect’ feature within his or her vocabulary and conduct towards others?

MAGUS: Any well balanced Satanist will have respect for other peoples beliefs.  It is a pity other followers of certain religions show no tolerance toward Satanism.

MF: The root of the word ‘sacrifice’ is the act of making something sacred.  It is a common religious practice to make offerings to deity.  Do Satanists believe in the principle of sacrifice?

MAGUS: Again, this would depend on the Satanist and how well-rounded or warped their views are. Personally the only sacrifice should be the sacrifice of the self; striving to improve oneself. I know of Satanists who use the death throes of animals to great effect, but again, it’s all down to personal choice.

MF: What about sex and the use of drugs in ritual?

MAGUS: They all have their uses, in moderation. Anything in excess would ruin the format of a ritual.

MF: Aleister Crowley gave Gerald Gardner the title “Exempt Adept”.  Wicca has been termed “Satan’s Little White Lie”.  Do you believe that neo-Paganism is the recruiting ground for Satanism?

MAGUS: Paganism, I believe, is the primordial building block. It has been built on since, every layer different, every block becoming more refined.

MF: Are the terms good and evil subjective concepts for you and your Path?

MAGUS: Good and evil… It is the same as right or wrong, They are just guidelines to us all; each Satanist will use both terms to strengthen their sense of perception.

MF: Satanists have families, are committed to their spouses/friends and love their children and pets.  Is there such a thing as Satanic morality?

MAGUS: Satanists have morals, they are free to love and to be committed to their families and friends. Satanists have a strong sense of responsibility.

MF:  How are your children educated, disciplined, guided?  Are they raised to be upstanding members of the community and law-abiding citizens?

MAGUS: Children are encouraged to live a normal life, to enjoy their childhood, but without any religious overtones to unhinge the good sense of balance and perception that all children have.

MF: Can parents be open about their religion and how does this affect the children?

MAGUS: Parents can be open, but Satanism has to be gently ushered in so that children take to understanding it at their own pace. Being subtle is vital here. Children must not be left open to criticism or abuse by teachers and peers. Many parents who are serious about Satanism have a home schooling system.

MF: The aim of all genuine Occult systems, whether designated Right Hand or Left Hand, is to achieve the Knowledge of Self, the realization of the Inner Divine, through study, gnosis and discovery.  How do LHP systems differ from RHP in this regard?

MAGUS: RHP systems have religious overtones which can limit the follower, force them almost to a standstill, whereas the LHP system allows the follower to explore and gain valuable personal insight without restrictions.

MF: If Satan is the Liberator from the bonds of religious thought and the bowing down to an external God, why then are so many prayers conducted for his protection, assistance, favour?

MAGUS: There are some Satanists who worship Satan, who bow down and offer themselves to him. To me this is pathetic; whimpering to the Dark Lord for assistance. Becoming as one with Satan, being side by side with him, being on the same personal level with him, that’s what Satanism is all about.

MF: What about the dogma involved?  Should the aim not be the complete liberation from it?

MAGUS: The aim is complete liberation, dogma is there for those who want to be shackled.

MF: What is the significance of your title?  And what is magic for a Satanist?

MAGUS: The name is a constant reminder of my beliefs and its significance is the inspiration it gives others. Magic for a Satanist is having the personal power to make life changes at will and to be able to command certain spirits at will.

MF: I have come across the term “undefiled wisdom”.  Could you please explain it?

MAGUS: Defiled wisdom is nothing more than self deceit. To convince oneself that faith based ways of thinking is the ‘be all and end all’. Undefiled Wisdom opposes that!

MF:  Is Satanism the indulgence in the physical being?  And how far back do the basics of Satanism go?

MAGUS:  Times have changed, but man hasn’t. The basics of Satanism have always existed. The only thing that is new is the formal organization of a religion based on the universal traits of man. For centuries, magnificent structures of stone, concrete, mortar, and steel have been devoted to man’s control and subjugation through abstinence. It is high time that human beings stopped fighting themselves, and devoted their time to building temples designed for man’s indulgences.

MF: Is the human body not that temple?

MAGUS: The human body is a vehicle, a mass of flesh and bone used to express oneself on this planet.

MF: And is the Universe not a greater temple of all the forces and potencies available to man?  And is man not intrinsically connected to it All?

MAGUS: All Mankind is connected, some are aware of this connection and wish to progress, others are blinded by their dogmatic faith.

MF: Are Satan and Lucifer one entity?

MAGUS: If you are going by tradition, Satan is the adversary, the accuser, darkness.  Lucifer is enlightenment, bringer of light. One being you could say, but two separate qualities.

MF: In the Garden of Eden, the Serpent encourages woman to eat from the tree of Knowledge and the Tree of  Life.  Yet he is called the Father of Lies.  What is truth?  And how does it set one free?

MAGUS: He was the first Teacher to Mankind, hence the appellation, Lucifer, the Light Bringer.  We say, question everything and every instruction.  The truth has never set anyone free de per se. It is DOUBT that leads one to searching and it that very searching which brings about mental emancipation, to quote La Vey.  Religious dogma is what keeps man in shackles.

MF:  Thank you for your time, Magus.

MAGUS : You are welcome. Ave Satanas.


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