Belief And Unbelief


While I generally agree with statements about being non-judgmental on issues of belief, I have to point out that many make statements in which they seem to be affirming tolerance, while also simultaneously deliver a snub. This of course indicates that while they may be tolerant of the beliefs of others, these beliefs nevertheless clash with their own, are biting their tongues and that they are in fact only being politically correct. Allow me to elaborate.

Like all people, Vampyres come in all shapes and sizes. We’re not all goths, we’re not all Christians, we’re not all Satanists and we don’t all drink blood. Vamps are just like other Humans (we are not inhuman), in fact our only apparent difference appears to be that we have a need for life force energy that other people don’t have. We satisfy this need in different ways, but the two main sources are from blood and from other energy sources such as emotions, elemental energy and other psychic means.

Tied to all of this is belief. We believe we are born Vampyres and awaken to our needs sometime in life, usually around puberty, although a considerable number of Vampyres will also pinpoint specific traumatic events in their lives which may have precipitated their own Awakening. When a Vampyre first finds these abilities, but doesn’t know what they are, or what they need; and particularly in the case of psychic Vampyres, they tend to feed out of control and cause a lot of harm to those around them. Mostly they will cause arguments or drama and feed off the resulting energy cloud while being completely unaware of why it is they did it.

I have a feeling that it is this aspect to our nature that might lie behind our apparent unpopularity with many groups – after all, this sort of behavior can be very destructive, can’t it? The best way to deal with this sort of thing, in my opinion, is to educate the unaware on how to feed safely and ethically, not to shun them or portray them as horrible people who are doing it all intentionally. Most Psi’s who do so around non-Vampyres have no idea what they really are and most people would never recognize those who do know how to feed properly.

What we believe makes us “different” from the norm is our need for energy, without which we cannot function. Some might say that denying something will not prevent it from happening or existing. Few people know that “energy Vampyres” (as some call the Psi’s) do not just take energy from outside sources  but can also give energy to others to aid healing. It’s true. Ask your local Reiki or any energy-worker. The only difference between them and a Vampyre is that while they might be a conduit for energy, our make-up also has a dire need for it within and so while we can channel energy and give energy, some of it will also be absorbed by us. I have to add that not all Vampyres know how to do this; it is a skill that has to be mastered.

It’s not surprising that Vampyres are viewed with suspicion. Really, it’s par for the course. People wonder what would make apparently sane and rational adults claim to be Vampyres ? The skeptics love it of course. Some claim that Vampyres are people who never grew out of tasting the blood of their own scratches and cuts as children. Yes, some children do lick their own wounds but how many lick the wounds of others? How many still do it as adults? How many cause the wounds themselves in order to obtain the blood? How many experience difficulties, be it emotional or physical if they stop doing so or cannot obtain a source of that energy?

Yes, medicine often refers to issues such as “yuppie flu” and other ailments, but what if such ailments resulted from unaware Vampyres being unable to feed or not knowing how to, or even that they should?  We are so conditioned to think that if we have an illness we need to smear some or other chemical on the affected area, or pop a pill, rather than to apply healing from within as well. We are so conditioned to think of energy as a thing that comes out of a wall socket that we forget what it is that makes our nervous system operate, and our bodies function on a cellular level with the power of the atom.

Some have even claimed that self-identified Vampyres are under the influence of mass media and fictional representations in the movies, books and pop culture; that we are weak-minded and weak-willed individuals who have been seduced by the glamor and imagery of it all. Cute, if not unrealistic and somewhat insulting.

Most who identify as Vampyres do so for reasons which are very real to them. Now, we could debate this issue from either end ad nauseum, but allow me to close by saying that to dismiss out of hand the cases of countless individuals all round the world, experiencing the very same thing independently is rather rash. To do so is also not a sign of open mindedness, but rather the opposite.

We do not claim to be non-human, in fact we are very human. It is myth and legends which have sprung up around vampirism over the ages, which claim that we are not so. A bird does not lay eggs from which a mouse would hatch. We are of the same species, born of human parents. In a number of cases, I know of Vampyres who are born of Vampyres, even latents who are unaware of their vampiric nature. I do believe there is something which is different about us and this difference is something metaphysical, even spiritual. This of course is a point of belief which cannot be proven, but which is for each of us to explore for ourselves.

There are many stories within the VC about individuals who avoid serious health complications by feeding. You don’t have to believe these things of course, you could claim they are wishful thinking, you could dismiss it as “it’s all in our heads“, but the point comes where coincidence stops being coincidence and starts to add up to evidence. After all, everything else that counts is in our heads.

That’s where it matters most.


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