Beginners Mediumship Course Free Introduction


You are invited to join Glynis Brits for a

Free Introductory Afternoon

Saturday 17th November at 2:00 pm
at Shanthi Sanctuary, Bedfordview


Do you sense Spirit around you? Have you had a feeling that something is going to happen and it does?

Would you like to find out if the gift of mediumship is one that you can develop in yourself?

If you answered yes to these questions, you owe it to yourself to join me, Glynis Brits, on this exciting new course that I have developed for people just like you!


  • You will learn how to connect to the universal consciousness, what does that mean, how do you know that you’re connected.
  • You will learn about energies, how to feel them, sense them, interpret them.
  • You will learn about guides, what they are, why do we have them, how you can work with your guide to bring through messages of love and inspiration.
  • You will learn how to do a reading, what is the process that is involved, how do you connect and how do you interpret what is being given to you. I will share with you how I do my readings through letting you experience a reading first-hand, with explanation on how I interpret what is coming through.
  • You will experience practical exercises and guided meditations to assist you in this exciting new journey.
  • You will be given homework to do, yes you read that right!
  • You will be given exclusive access to my whatsapp group and facebook group, where you can post questions, receive tips, reminders and share experiences. This is an invaluable way for you to learn and develop your mediumship.


If this ignites a desire that has resided within you and you just know you need to act on, then join me on for an afternoon where I will give you (at no charge) an overview of what I will be sharing in this course.

You will be given the opportunity to ask questions and leave feeling completely informed to enable you to decide if this life-changing decision is right for you.


For further information, contact Glynis on 082 570 6473
or email


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